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verbal adjectives - 1

The time is not important. You already understand the time of the sentence according to the situation easily.

sandalye (the chair)

oturmak (1to sit, 2to sit down, 3..4..5..)

adam (the man)

sandalyede oturmak (to sit on the chair)
otur+an----------->oturan (the one that/who sits/is sitting/sat/...)

sandalyede oturan yaşlı adam (the old man who sits on the chair)

gelmek (to come)

kadın (the woman)

kim (who)

gel+en------------>gelen (the one who comes/is coming/came/has come/...)

kim idi->kim+di---->kimdi? (who was s/he?)


Gelen kadın kimdi? (Who was the woman who came?)


gülümsemek (to smile)

gülümse+t+mek->gülümsetmek (to make smb. smile)

gülümse+t+en--->gülümseten (the one that makes smb. smile)

anı (the memory)


İşte bunlar gülümseten anılar. (Such these are smiling memories. (direct: Such these are the memories that makes smb. smile.))


göndermek (to send)

mesaj (the message)

gönder+il+en---->gönderilen (the one that is sent/was sent/has been sent/...)


gönderilen mesajlar (the sent messages (direct: the messages that have been sent))


site (the site)

Türkçe, öğrenmek (to learn)

yabancı (1foreign, strange, 2the foreigner, the stranger)

öğren+en------->öğrenen (the one that learns/learnt/...)


Bu sitede Türkçe öğrenen birçok yabancı var. (There are many foreigners who are learning/learn/have been learning Turkish in this site.)


7 (yedi)

Windows 7+i(accusative)-------->Windows 7´yi (Windows 7 (acc.))

kullanmak (to use)

herkes (everybody)

aynı (same)

sorun (the problem)

şikâyet (the complaint)

şikâyetçi (direct: the complainter) (the one who complains/is complaining)

-den şikâyetçi olmak, -den şikâyet etmek [ablative case] (to complain)


kullan+an----------->kullanan (the one who uses/used/is using/has used/...)

kullanan herkes (everybody who uses/used/is using/has used/...)

Windows 7´yi kullanan herkes (everybody who uses/used/... the Windows 7)


Windows 7´yi kullanan herkes aynı sorundan şikâyetçi. (Everybody who uses/is using the Windows 7 complains about the same problem.)


Ahmet (a male Turkish name)

aramak (1to call, 2to look for, 3to search)

hangi (which)

dayı (the uncle (brother of the mother))

olmak (1to be,2..3..4...)



ara+(ı)yor+idi+m----------->arıyordum (i was looking for)

dayı+n-------------------->dayım (your uncle)

ol+an--------------------->olan (the one which is)

dayın olan Ahmet (Ahmet who is your uncle)


-Ahmet´i arıyordum. (I was looking for Ahmet.)

-Hangi Ahmet´i? (Which Ahmet?)

-Dayın olan Ahmet´i. (Ahmet who is your uncle. (accusative))


öğretmen (the teacher)

olmak (1to be, 2to become,...)

abla (the older sister)

evlenmek (to get married)

banka (the bank)

bankacı (the banker, the bank worker/personel)

hâlâ, henüz, daha (still, yet)

bekar (single (not married))


öğretmen olan ablam (my sister which/who is teacher)


Öğretmen olan ablam geçen yıl evlendi. Bankacı olan ablam daha bekar. (My sister which is teacher got married last year. My sister which is banker is still single.)


ikinci (second)

dünya (the world)

savaş (the war)

dünya savaş+ı(poss.)--->dünya savaşı (the world war) [indefinite possessive determiner]

anlatmak (to tell)

film (the movie, film)

başrol (the leading role (direct: the head role))

ünlü (famous)

oyuncu (1the player, 2the actor/actress)


İkinci Dünya Savaşı+ı(accusative)-->İkinci Dünya Savaşı´nı (the Second World War (acc.))

anlat+an-------------->anlatan (the one that/which tells/told/is telling/...)

İkinci Dünya Savaşı´nı anlatan film (the movie that tells about the Second W.W.)

film+in(genitive)------->filmin (of the movie)

başrol+i(poss.)-------->başrolü (its leading role)

başrol+i+de----------->başrolünde (on its leading role)

filmin başrolünde (on the leading role of the movie)

ünlü bir oyuncu (a famous actor/actress)

ol+acak+- ----------->olacak


İkinci Dünya Savaşı´nı anlatan filmin başrolünde ünlü bir oyuncu olacak. (A famous actor/actress will be on the leading role of the movie that tells about the Second World War.)


ben (I)

dikkatli (careful)

dinlemek (to listen)

öğrenci (the student)

sizin (your (plural or respect))

oğul (the son)


ben+i(accusative)--------->beni (me)

en dikkatli (the most careful)

dinle+en------------------>dinleyen (the one who listens/listened/has been listening/...)

dinleyen öğrenci (the student who/which listens)

sizin oğul+(i)niz------------>sizin oğl+iniz->sizin oğlunuz (your son)


Beni en dikkatli dinleyen öğrenci sizin oğlunuz. (The student which listens to me most carefully is your son.)


2010 (iki bin on)

2010 yılı (the year 2010)

albüm (the album)

çıkarmak (1to get out, 2to put out, 3to take out, 4to remove, to delete, 5...6..7..8...9to publish, to release,10to make sth ascend, 11... 13..)

grup (1the group, 2the band)

2011 (iki bin on bir)

müzik (the music)

liste (the list)

ilk, birinci (first)

sıra (1the position (on a list), 2the queue, 3..4.5..)

yükselmek (1to ascend, 2to rise, to rise up,3.4..5..)


2010 yıl+ı+da(locative)------->2010 yılında (in the year 2010)

albüm çıkar+ma(negative)+an grup--->albüm çıkarmayan grup (the band that doesn´t/didn´t released any album)

iki bin on bir+de-------------->iki bin on birde / 2011´de (in 2011)

2011´deki albüm (the album which was/is in 2011) [remember the "-ki" which makes adjective]

2011´deki albüm+leri---------->2011´deki albümleri (their album which is/was in 2011)

2011´deki albüm+leri+ile------->2011´deki albümleriyle (by/with their alb.wh.i/w.in.2011)

liste+ler--------------------->listeler (the lists)

müzik listeler+i--------------->müzik listeleri (the music lists) (indefinite poss.determ.)

müzik listeler+i+de------------>müzik listelerinde (on the music lists)

birinci sıra (the first line/row/position/place)

birinci sıra+a(dative)--------->birinci sıraya (to the first place)

yüksel+di+- ----------------->yükseldi (s/he/it ascended)


2010 yılında albüm çıkarmayan grup, 2011´deki albümleriyle müzik listelerinde birinci sıraya yükseldi. (The band that hasn´t released any album in the year 2010 ascended to the first place on the music lists by their album which was in 2011.)


görünmek (to seem, to be seen) / görülmek (to be seen) [remember the passive voice]

köy (the village)

kılavuz (the guide)

istemek (1to want, 2to require)


gör+(i)n[reflexive]+en köy-----> görünen köy (the village that/which seems/is seen)

/gör+il(passive)+en köy--------> görülen köy

iste+me+z--------------------> istemez (it doesn´t want)


Görünen köy kılavuz istemez. (The village that is seen/is being seen doesn´t require any guide.)

(This is a Turkish proverb)


kapı (the door)

ön (the frontside)

sen (you)

beklemek (to wait) [in Turkish, it is used in accusative case]

küçük (small, little)

çocuk (the child)

kim (who)

bilmek (to know)


kapı+ın ön+i+de---------------->kapının önünde (in front of the door)

sen+i(accusative)-------------->seni (you)

bekle+en----------------------->bekleyen (the one who/which waits/is waiting/waited/... for you)

küçük bir çocuk (a little child)

kim ol+dik+i(poss.)+i(acc.)------>kim olduğunu ((that) who s/he is)

bil+me+yor+im------------------>bilmiyorum (i don´t know)


Kapının önünde seni bekleyen küçük bir çocuk var. Kim olduğunu bilmiyorum. (There is a child who is waiting for you. I don´t know who he is.)

Kapının önünde seni bekleyen küçük bir çocuk var. Kim, bilmiyorum. (There is a child who is waiting for you. Who is he, I don´t know.)


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