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It doesn´t express any tense or pronoun. The pronoun/subject or tense of the sentence is understood easily by looking at the predicate.


"iken" can be written separately as well. But we usually prefer to use it as suffix.

If you bring it to a consonant-ended word, "i" disappears : -ken

If you bring it to a vowel-ended word, "i" turns into "y" : -yken

"iken" never obeys the vowel harmonies. So you can never see it as "-kan" or "-ykan". It is always "-ken" or "-yken".



çabuk (1quick, 2quickly)

sinirlenmek (to get angry)


aç+iken------------------------------>açken (while am/is/are/was/were hungry)

sinirlen+r+im-------------------------->sinirlenirim (i get angry)


Açken çabuk sinirlenirim. (I get angry quickly while I am hungry.)

/Aç iken çabuk sinirlenirim.


zayıf (1thin, 2weak)

çirkin (ugly)

biraz (some, a bit)

kilo (kilo)

almak (to take)

kilo almak (to put on weight)

güzelleşmek (to become beautiful)

başlamak (to start, to begin)


zayıf+iken---------------------------->zayıfken (while am/is/are/was/were thin)

çirkin+idi+n--------------------------->çirkindin (you were ugly)

biraz kilo al+ince---------------------->biraz kilo alınca (when [you] put on some weight)

güzelleş+me+e başla+dı+n------------->güzelleşmeye başladın (to start to become beautiful)


Zayıfken çirkindin, biraz kilo alınca güzelleşmeye başladın. (You were ugly when/while you were thin, you start to become beautiful when/because you put on some weight.)

/Zayıf iken çirkindin....


bunlar (these)

yorgun (tired)

değil (not)

konuşmak (to talk, to speak)


bunlar+ı(accusative)------------->bunları (these)

ben yorgun değilim (i am not tired)

ben yorgun değil+iken------------>ben yorgun değilken (while i am not tired)

konuş+a+lım--------------------->konuşalım (let´s talk/speak)


Bunları ben yorgun değilken konuşalım. (Let´s talk about these while I am not tired.)


uykulu (sleepy)

yavaş (1slow, 2slowly)

konuşmak (to talk, to speak)


uykulu+iken-------------------------->uykuluyken (while am/is/are/was/were sleepy)

daha yavaş (slower)

konuş+r+iz--------------------------->konuşuruz (we talk/speak)


Uykuluyken daha yavaş konuşuruz. (We speak slower while we are sleepy.)

/Uykulu iken...


üniversite (university)

oldukça, bayağı (quite)

aktif, faal (active)


üniversite+de+iken------------------->üniversitedeyken (while am/is/are/was/were at university)

aktif+idi+m---->aktif+di+m----------->aktiftim (i was active)


Üniversitedeyken oldukça aktiftim. (I was quite active when/while I was at university.)

/Üniversitede iken....


ışık (light)

açık (1open, 2light (for colours), 3far (for sea))

uyumak (to sleep)


ışık açık (the light is on (direct: the light is open))

ışık açık iken /ışık açıkken (while the light is on)

uyu+ama+m------------------------->uyuyamam (i can´t sleep)


Işık açıkken uyuyamam. (I can´t sleep while the light is on)

Işık açık iken uyuyamam.


ev (house, home)

telefon (telephone, phone)

hiç (never, ever)

çalmak (1to steal, 2to play (music), 3to ring...)


sen evdesin (you are at home)

sen evde iken / sen evdeyken (while you are at home)

telefon çal+dı mı-------------------->telefon çaldı mı? (did the telephone ring?)


Sen evdeyken telefon hiç çaldı mı? (Has the phone ever rung while you were at home?)

Sen evde iken telefon hiç çaldı mı?


burada (here)

sahil (the beach, the coast, the seashore) [pronunciation: saahil]


onlar burada (they are here)

onlar burada iken / onlar buradayken (while they are here)

biz sahil+de+idi+k----------------->biz sahildeydik (we were at the beach)


Onlar buradayken biz sahildeydik. (We were at the beach while they were here.)

Onlar burada iken biz sahildeydik.


yemek (1to eat, 2meal)

kimse (no one)

konuşmak (to speak, to talk)


ye+r(present simple)+iken---------->yerken (while eating)

ye+yor(present continuous)+iken--->yiyorken (while eating)

kimse+ile-------------------------->kimseyle (with no one/nobody)

konuş+ma+z----------------------->konuşmaz (he/she doesn´t speak/talk)


Yemek yerken kimseyle konuşmaz. (He talks to no one while he is having meal. (direct: ... while he eats meal))

/....yer iken...

Yemek yiyorken kimseyle konuşmaz. (He talks to no one while he is having meal. (direct: ... while he is eating meal))

/...yiyor iken...


We would rather prefer to use the present simple. It´s usually better to hear to use the present simple case. No problem if we also use the present continuous. The rates of their meaningfulnesses are approximately equal.


otobüs (bus)

beklemek (to wait)

ayak (foot)

ağrımak (to ache)


bekle+r+iken----------------------->beklerken (while waiting)

ayak+lar+mız---------------------->ayaklarımız (our feet)

ağrı+r+idi-------------------------->ağrırdı (1it used to ache, 2it would ache)


Çok otobüs beklerdik. Otobüs beklerken ayaklarımız ağrırdı. (We used to wait for bus very much. Our feet used to ache while we were waiting for bus.)

......otobüs bekler iken.......


şarkı (song)

söylemek (to say)

şarkı söylemek (to sing song)

kendi (oneself)

başka bir (another)

dünya (world)

hissetmek (to feel)


şarkı söyle+r+iken------------------->şarkı söylerken (while singing a song)

kendi+m+i--------------------------->kendini (myself (accusative))

başka bir dünya+da------------------>başka bir dünyada (in another world)

başka bir dünyada+imiş+im gibi------->başka bir dünyadaymışım gibi (as though i´m in another world)

hisset+r+im------------------------->hissederim (i feel)


Şarkı söylerken kendimi başka bir dünyadaymışım gibi hissederim. (While I am singing a song, i feel myself as though I´m in another world.)


It would be better to repeat the lessons of "-miş".


anne (mother)

soğan (onion)

doğramak (to chop)

patates (potato)

kızartmak (to fry)


anne+m---------------------------->annem (my mother)

soğan+lar+ı------------------------->soğanları (the onions (accusative))

doğrar+ - + iken-------------------->doğrarken (while chopping)

patates+ler+i----------------------->patatesleri (the potatoes (accusative))

kızart+yor+idi+m-------------------->kızartıyordum (i was frying)


Annem soğanları doğrarken ben patatesleri kızartıyordum. (I was frying the potatoes while my mother was chopping the onions.)


hasta (1ill, sick, 2the patient)

arkadaş (friend)

sürekli (continuosly, always)

ilgilenmek (1to be interested in, 2to look at)


ben hasta+ım---------------------->ben hastayım (i´m ill)

ben hasta+iken-------------------->ben hastayken (while i am/was ill)

arkadaş+lar+m--------------------->arkadaşlarım (my friends),

benim ile--------------------------->benimle (with me)

ilgilen+di+ler----------------------->ilgilendiler (they looked at)


Ben hastayken arkadaşlarım benimle sürekli ilgilendiler. (While I was ill, my friends always looked at me.)


sinirli (nervous, angry)

olmak (1to be, 2...3...4...5...)


çok sinirli (too nervous)

ol+abil+yor+im/ol+abil+r+im-->olabiliyorum/olabilirim (i can be/may be)


Ben, hastayken çok sinirli olabiliyorum. (I may be very nervous when/while I am ill.)


It´s better to use here a comma after the pronoun. While pronouncing, it is better to hear.


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