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Turkish simple past tense

All 72 Terms

geldim I came
geldin you came (s)
geldi he came
geldik we came
geldiniz you came (p)
geldiler they came
baktım I looked
baktın you looked (s)
baktı he looked
baktık we looked
baktınız you looked (p)
baktılar they looked
gördüm I saw
gördün you saw (s)
gördü he saw
gördük we saw
gördünüz you saw (p)
gördüler they saw
koştum I ran
koştun you ran
koştu he ran
koştuk we ran
koştunuz you ran (p)
koştular they ran
yedim I ate
yedin you ate (s)
yedi he ate
yedik we ate
yediniz you ate
  yediler they ate
içtim I drank
içtin you drank (s)
içti he drank
içtik we drank
içtiniz you drank (p)
içtiler they drank
kaldım I stayed
kaldın you stayed (s)
kaldı he stayed
kaldık we stayed
kaldınız you stayed (p)
kaldılar they stayed
yazdım I wrote
yazdın you wrote(s)
yazdı he wrote
yazdık we wrote
yazdınız you wrote(p)
yazdılar they wrote
okudum I read
okudun you read (s)
okudu he read
okuduk we read
okudunuz you read (p)
okudular they read
anlamadım I understood
anlamadın you understood (s)
anlamadı he understood
anlamadık we understood
anlamadınız you understood (p)
anlamadılar they understood
oturdum I sat
oturdun you sat (s)
oturdu he sat
oturduk we sat
oturdunuz you sat (p)
oturdular they sat
gittim I went
gittin you went (s)
gitti he went
gittik we went
gittiniz you went (p)
gittiler they went

Most Missed Words

  1. they camegeldiler - 3 misses
  2. I rankoştum - 3 misses
  3. you ran (p)koştunuz - 3 misses
  4. you stayed (p)kaldınız - 3 misses
  5. he satoturdu - 3 misses
  6. I camegeldim - 2 misses
  7. he camegeldi - 2 misses

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