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Living - working in Turkey

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Foreigners working in Turkey
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30.       Abla
3648 posts
 21 Aug 2012 Tue 08:03 pm

Contact the Ministry of Foreign Trade in your own country, ask for statistics about companies which export to Turkey or import from Turkey. This kind of information is usually purchasable. Then work with the list, contact the companies and tell them about your skills, find out who their Turkish partners are. Be ready to do a lot of useless work until someone gives you hope. Meanwhile improve your Turkish as much as you can.

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31.       AlphaF
5677 posts
 22 Aug 2012 Wed 02:50 pm


Quoting libralady

Quoting lady in red:

Quoting libralady:

We came across several ex-pats working illegally in Bitez last week and our tour rep had also been offered work illegally! One woman we chatted to has been married to a Turk for 4 years (and working with him) and is still tripping off to Kos to get her visa every three months!

Yes - there are quite a few here too but renewing the visa in Kos doesn´t mean she can legally work. Quite a few ex-pats here work for emlaks - illegally - and if they don´t get paid their commission there is nothing they can do about it. A friend of mine worked 2 months for one Emlak and never got a penny (sorry lira!) out of them.

I meant that she is working illegally! She was managing the place and taking the money!! I´d have thought after being married for 4 years and living in Turkey all that time, she would have applied for residency?? Actually is was quite a funny combination - age gap, in her favour, weight difference in his favour! He told us in strong winds he ties himself to her lol


Plan B ?

Just in case customers cease to flock in ! {#emotions_dlg.alcoholics}


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32.       T4 Consulting
2 posts
 09 May 2013 Thu 12:53 pm

As T4 Consulting Turkey (aka T4 Danismanlik) we are providing free consultancy for foreigners around Antalya Turkey. 

We are also providing assistance for work permit and also residence permit. Do not let comoanies making you work illegaly, it affects your all kind of application in your future.

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33.       SophieRichard
1 posts
 20 Dec 2014 Sat 01:32 pm

Merci beaucoup pour ces informations,ca m´intéresse !




coque Nokia X

film protection sony xperia z3

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34.       bonniemate
4 posts
 23 Sep 2015 Wed 07:24 am

it is so funny

35.       Adam25
369 posts
 20 Oct 2015 Tue 10:49 pm

What is so funny???     {#emotions_dlg.unsure}

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