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1.       kadnad1
89 posts
 13 Feb 2008 Wed 12:09 am

How long does it take for mail to arrive at the recipients home in turkey? Im from England, and sent the parcel on the 5th feb to Tavas in denizli. when should it arrive?

2.       SERA_2005
668 posts
 13 Feb 2008 Wed 12:18 am

Mail i have sent in the past has taken about 2 weeks,sometimes a little less.Be patient it will get there eventually!

3.       kadnad1
89 posts
 13 Feb 2008 Wed 12:25 am

nooooooooo 2 weeks??? the woman at the post office lied to me! "3-5 working days" pffft. Late birthday present i guess...

4.       Deli_kizin
6376 posts
 13 Feb 2008 Wed 12:35 am

it takes a few days to get to turkey.. but it takes over a week for the post İNSİDE turkey to get to the right address

5.       English_boy
15 posts
 13 Feb 2008 Wed 12:42 am

I recently sent a letter on the 17th January that arrived on the 5th, 19 days later and yet a card I sent for valentine's on Thursday only took 12 days

6.       kedycan
165 posts
 13 Feb 2008 Wed 12:57 am

it might take about years as well, one can never be sure

7.       kedycan
165 posts
 13 Feb 2008 Wed 01:00 am

or rather than asking "how much does it take", ask whether it will arrive or not...that must be the question involving a little bit of exageration..

8.       bebish
31 posts
 13 Feb 2008 Wed 09:50 am

I have twice sent mail to turkey and on both occasions was informed it never arrive

9.       azade
1606 posts
 13 Feb 2008 Wed 10:55 am

The smaller the town the longer it takes for it to arrive. Some places the recipient gets a note to pick it up at the PTT, but that also tends to never arrive to they have to go to the PTT and check if it's there. ALso very time consuming generally...
Once my father sent me a package with a couple of books and it took it a month to arrive and I wasn't even living in a village or anything. It took an entire afternoon and I also had to pay a ridiculous high VAT grrrrr, a very bad unexpected expense when living in a country like Turkey.
Sending packages is generally not the best idea imo as things tend to get lost.

Mail is usually not a problem but you never know how long time it takes, it varies +/- 20 days

10.       thehandsom
7403 posts
 13 Feb 2008 Wed 04:55 pm

I sent some packages to Turkey several times in the past (with registered posts).
None of them got lost and arrived in 4- 5 days.
What are you trying to do here? eh?
Trying to look for a reason to criticize Turkey? eh?

(27 Messages in 3 pages - View all)
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