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Turkish proverbs
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20.       alyaa
115 posts
 20 Feb 2005 Sun 12:08 pm

cogu gitti azi kaldi

this proverb mean that the much has gone and alittle is still.
they say when people try to help someone to be patient for something too long

21.       alyaa
115 posts
 20 Feb 2005 Sun 12:13 pm

bir yastiga bas koymak

this proverb has a surface meaning that is a pillow to put ur head on.
but also it has inner meaning that is what person need to feel rest is asmall place to be safe on.

22.       alyaa
115 posts
 20 Feb 2005 Sun 12:14 pm

this one i dont understand

iyi olacak hastanin hekim ayagina gelir???

23.       alyaa
115 posts
 20 Feb 2005 Sun 12:16 pm

and one more

para ila degil sira ile

24.       alyaa
115 posts
 20 Feb 2005 Sun 12:19 pm

the proverb

komsu mosunin kulunu muhtac olur

what does komsu mean first?? in english

25.       admin
753 posts
 20 Feb 2005 Sun 11:57 pm

I will give my interpretation for some of these proverbs.

1. Alan razı, satan razı -> the buyer is satisfied, the seller is satisfied.

This phrase is used when a third party interrupts a deal or sth like that on which two parties have already agreed.

2. Dosta düşmana karşı -> Facing the allies and the foes.

This has a meaning like "In front of everybody". It is used when you are proud about sth. and there are people jealous of you for that.

3. Bir yastığa baş koymak. -> To put heads on one pillow.

This phrase has the meaning of being together, being with each other on an issue. The heads on one pillow here implicitly refers to the close relationship of husband and wife where the two are together in the course of life and supporting each other.

4. İyi olacak hastanın hekim ayağına gelir. -> The doctor comes himself to the patient that will recover.

This proverb basically says, if sth is in your destiny, it will happen one way or another.

5. Parayla değil, sırayla. -> Not with money, with the line.

This is not a proverb, it is just a not-so-polite way of saying sth like "This is free, but you need to wait for your turn".

6. Komşu komşunun külüne muhtaçtır. -> One needs the ash of his neighbor.

This is a proverb about the importance of neighborship relationships and how neighbors need/depend on each other.

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