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Acurse a spell i dont know what it is
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1.       britturk
625 posts
 27 Sep 2008 Sat 02:43 pm

Im not trying to cause uproar or offence but Im just curious??? I have heard from a Turkish friend that people can put a curse on another person?? Is this true ?? Is it really done using the koran as I have said I dont know anything about this subject I dont even know the Turkish name for this proceedure.However If this is true can a curse ever be reversed???Im very curious about what all this entails so if anyone understands what i mean please feel free to comment

2.       Trudy
7887 posts
 27 Sep 2008 Sat 02:57 pm

I don´t know anything about (cursing) spells in Turkey but I do know that in other Islamic countries in Africa there are ´medicine men´ who use texts from the Koran for their spells. I´ve been - out of curiosity - to such a man in The Gambia and he gave me an amulet, I think called ju-ju, with a Koran text sewed in it. It was a protective spell, so I can imagine that if they use it the good way there are also people who use them the bad way, for putting a curse on someone.

3.       britturk
625 posts
 27 Sep 2008 Sat 03:08 pm

I guess it would help if I knew the name of this. I dont know if its a spell or a curse. The people I spoke to in Turkey definately believe in this. Im really curious and intrigued by this. I have also heard that the "spell" is forbidden but people still do it !!!!!!!!!!!!! Please somebody give me some info

4.       MarioninTurkey
6124 posts
 27 Sep 2008 Sat 04:25 pm

It is quite common.  I have a friend who is convinced that another woman put a curse on her husband when they got engaged, because the woman wanted to marry him too.  Since their marriage her husband has had a lot of bad back problems, and my friend is sure it is the curse.  She explained to me that people go to a hoca and ask him to do it.

5.       catwoman
8933 posts
 27 Sep 2008 Sat 05:19 pm

OMG.... this is the weirdest thing I´ve heard in days...

6.       azizehannah
220 posts
 27 Sep 2008 Sat 05:24 pm

there are so many kinds of curses that i know, but i dont know what/how it is called. i`ve met soo many men who actually do this, but i`m not sure about turks since the turks i`m with are conservative types. men have this prayer thing (they said its from the Koran) and when they get an eye-to-eye with a woman, they read it in their minds and the woman will fall in love with them.. some also go to some witches, or hags, or anything (its hoca in turkey i think) and they are the one doing those..

7.       CANLI
5084 posts
 27 Sep 2008 Sat 05:53 pm

He is not hoca,he/she call him/herself that

People who believes in such things and deal with so called hoca in bad or good,those who encourage and give them opportunities to work their ways 

Their main aim is to make people believe in their power and to take money from people and convince them with some suppositious things,so they be under their mercy.

Ýts forbidden to deal with such people in islam.


They dont cast the spell/curse using Kur´an,but imams use some Kur´an verses to cure it, -if it happened-  .

8.       zhang ziyi
205 posts
 27 Sep 2008 Sat 09:08 pm

Yes, such beliefs exist. Even the prophet Mohammed was under a spell once for months.

9.       britturk
625 posts
 27 Sep 2008 Sat 09:58 pm

Okay thanks for everybodys response. I am very intrigued by this. I have a personal experience I have have a very important person in my life who i have known for 11 years. His behaviour has changed dramatically within months. I spoke to many of his friends and the rumour going around the village was that somebody close to him had put this spell on him. I say "spell" as this is the name they used to explain it to me. At first I thought they were winding me up. As time as gone on Ive started to believe that the friends of my friend are right in what they are saying. He has become a different person so quickly  and i have no explanation.So if this is the case how could I get this reversed??? Does my friend have to go himself or could somebody close to him go????

10.       mltm
3690 posts
 27 Sep 2008 Sat 10:15 pm

In turkish it´s called "büyü"= spell. "Büyü yapmak"= to do a spell. Büyü can be a bad or good spell.  Personally I do not believe these kinds of things. It can be reversed by someone else, but I don´t know how.

(25 Messages in 3 pages - View all)
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