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A claim: "Kurds do not divide Turkey but Invade"
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10.       thehandsom
7403 posts
 13 Oct 2008 Mon 12:10 am


Quoting tamikidakika

what is your resource for that quote? is it uludagsozluk?{#lang_emotions_satisfied_nod}


and why am I being a "kurd hater" just because I`m in favor of partition? Isn`t partition what the majority of the Kurds want?  I have to remind you that a couple months ago, in a thread, you said that self determination is the right of the Kurds in the southeast referring to the self determination of TRNC.


so why are you arguing the exact opposite thing now? it seems like you`ve started to like the idea of invasion over partition.



Yes..I have done a quick googling and your source is right wing tercuman  and cerftified racist web sites? {#lang_emotions_lol}

Sorry about kurd hater... I did not know you liked them..

And about the self determination, well, i dont remember saying it as I have always been against the seperation. But if we keep insulting minorities (like the above translation; or talking about them as if they are not the citizens of Turkey), I am afraid you wont find any kurds who will want to stay with us in the end.

The entire invasion idea is the invention of ´Turkish racists´. It is same as israel´i right wing worries about palestinian birth rate.

I think higher birth rate is related education and poverty not kurds ´secretly passing messages house to house and saying -oh lets make more babies and overtake the Turkish polulation-´


11.       saysaiaqi
1 posts
 10 Sep 2011 Sat 06:29 pm

People always say turkey is one and that everyone has the sameright as everybody else. So why bother if the kurds move to other cities and have higher birth rate? Turks can move and live in the kurdish regions and it´s not a problem. The problem is that people talk about a one democratic turkey and they make this as a serious case. In fact this suggests that turkey is still devided because of it´s ethinic group. Whenever we tried to live together wherever we wanted within regardless of our identity then we could try and talk about a one democratic turkey!

(11 Messages in 2 pages - View all)
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