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Turkish Movies

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Turkish Movies
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1.       admin
758 posts
 02 Jan 2005 Sun 05:42 am

If you are somewhat familiar with the language, watching movies with subtitles is one of the best ways to practice. Let's list here the Turkish movies you watched and liked, if there are any. I can list some of my favourites in different categories as follows:

Uçurtmayı Vurmasınlar
Piyano Piyano Bacaksız

Herşey Çok Güzel Olacak
Kibar Feyzo
I couldn't watch GORA yet, but I am sure I will like it

Selvi Boylum Al Yazmalım
Im Juli (Turkish-German)

These are the ones I can remember now, I can add more later as I remember. I suggest watching these movies if you can get them without much trouble (Maybe except the comedy ones, since Turkish comedies are generally too cultural oriented and you may not understand the jokes if you are not in the culture).

2.       Elisa
0 posts
 05 Jan 2005 Wed 11:26 pm

Although until now I understand no or very little Turkish, I find Turkish television (TRT International overhere) very interesting, especially the children's programmes!

Even if you don't understand a word, you hear how the Turkish language is pronounced, and more important, how the language sounds, the intonation, how they emphasize and stress words for example. Are there rules for that by the way?

3.       Sertab
136 posts
 06 Jan 2005 Thu 11:48 pm

wht about *Hamam*?? I bought the dvd.. love that film lol

4.       admin
758 posts
 07 Jan 2005 Fri 05:10 am

I didn't see that movie, Hamam but it was a pretty controversial movie in Turkey because of the picture of Turkey and Turkish people it draws. But I can't make a comment without seeing it first.

5.       Sertab
136 posts
 07 Jan 2005 Fri 10:55 pm

yeah i know it was very controversial in Turkey, I suppose it was cos it told a gay story.. but apart from that dont think it gives a bad impression of the turkish ppl at all, rather the contrary.
if u have the opportunity to watch it, just do it, it's one of my favs films.

6.       tomsmedley
11 posts
 26 Jan 2005 Wed 04:16 pm

'pascale's island' is definitely worth seeing. it's an older robert redford movie set in a pre-wwi greek island. the title character is a language teacher and turkish 'secret' agent. most of the movie is in english, but there are subtitled turkish parts. it's a poignent picture of a lost world.

7.       aleir
4 posts
 14 Apr 2005 Thu 08:21 pm

Today I saw "Gegen Die Wand", in english "Head On", a turkish german co-production that won the best picture award in Berlin Cinema Festival last year.
I liked it but I just got home so I'm still thinking about it. It's a stonger movie than I though it would be.
Has anyone seen it?

8.       Seticio
550 posts
 14 Apr 2005 Thu 09:51 pm

Yes, I've also seen it. The turkish title is Duvara Karşı.
I like it much, especially the part taken place in Istanbul. I loved the music, the turkish band singing song which was a description of the plot with Istanbul in a background. I've heard many voices that the ending is not suitable to the whole move, but I disagree with it. It was the best of all possible endings. The movie went a little controversial as far I know.
Does anyone know where can I buy soundrack from this film???

9.       AniK.
5 posts
 29 Oct 2006 Sun 05:28 pm

Would you please so kind to find an answer for my question?
What are thу films where Tarkan Tevetoglu acted and where can I find them in the internet&
Tesekkur ederim!

10.       lady in red
6947 posts
 29 Oct 2006 Sun 06:39 pm


Try this link: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0850463/

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