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may be useful and sales might be high in turkey
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1.       britturk
625 posts
 06 Oct 2009 Tue 04:21 pm


2.       mhsn supertitiz
518 posts
 06 Oct 2009 Tue 04:25 pm

it sounds like you have used that before. to fool your Turkish partner?Unsure

Edited (10/6/2009) by mhsn supertitiz

3.       lessluv
1052 posts
 06 Oct 2009 Tue 04:30 pm


Quoting mhsn supertitiz

it sounds like you have used that before. to fool your Turkish partner?Unsure


 If you didn´t keep deflowering these young ladies they wouldn´t need to use them Angel

4.       MrX67
2540 posts
 06 Oct 2009 Tue 04:36 pm

such a big shame and stupidity looking for a  girl´s or woman´s  chastity between her legs instead of her heart and brain???..Globe turning for both genders,not for only men or women..)

Edited (10/6/2009) by MrX67

5.       libralady
5152 posts
 06 Oct 2009 Tue 05:46 pm



 So you haven´t heard of the chickens blood trick then? Unsure  I must admit I have to agree with MrX on this one too!!!

6.       Trudy
7887 posts
 06 Oct 2009 Tue 06:37 pm

As long as there are people who demand a woman to bleed in the first night of their marriage, there will be a market for items like this. I´m not sure what I find more crazy: this virginity kit or the people who put virginity on a higher level than heart, mind and charactre - btw for women of course, men can fool around (not to say the other f-word) as much as they want.

7.       gunesh134
10 posts
 06 Oct 2009 Tue 10:43 pm

I really thought, that virginity was something from the past. What a shame. Men do whatever they want to and they are considered to be smart and charming.Ladies on the hand, when they act the same as men,they are considered to be easy, stupid and worth of nothing. Down with this Macho mentality. Men without us are nothing, but just an empty heady piece of meat. I am just so angry at some ladies, when they dont value themselves. The other day. I was reading in the forums of this girl begging for love to a guy whom apparently do not care about her. Actions like this one ,makes men think ,that we dont value anything. Love is real and it is the most beautiful thing in the universe. Ladies, when someone loves you, there is no need for begging, you will feel it, you will see it. I want ladies all around the world to know, that with or without virginity, our value is priceless.We are the ladies, the base of society and this  is huge.

8.       Iceheart_Omnis
106 posts
 06 Oct 2009 Tue 11:29 pm


Quoting gunesh134

 Men without us are nothing, but just an empty heady piece of meat.


 I´ll change this to "Women without us are nothing, but just an empty-headed piece of meat"

Do you think this is sexist and derogatory?

Well, works both ways.

9.       yakamozzz
398 posts
 07 Oct 2009 Wed 12:34 am

as long as there are those "easy" men on the planet, women HAVE chances to have sex before marriage no tools can change men and their...way of thinking anyway

10.       Daydreamer
3743 posts
 07 Oct 2009 Wed 12:59 am

I´ve always been curious what makes women want to marry men who expect them to be virgins (other than fear of falling victim to honour killing of course). I mean, sure, if both people believe this will make their marriage work, it´s their deal, right? But women who have sex and later decide to play the virginity trick on  their future spouse put me off. Why to want to be with somebody who doesn´t want you the way you are?

(13 Messages in 2 pages - View all)
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