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10.       si++
3785 posts
 06 Jul 2010 Tue 08:48 pm


Quoting sonunda



Interesting history-but didn´t look that great when I passed through.


I believe it must even be more interesting for a Russian.{#emotions_dlg.neutral}

11.       oceaneyes
1 posts
 06 Jul 2010 Tue 09:42 pm

In Erzurum is not much to do for tourists when you not speak Turkish.

Most of the people there only speak Turkish not any other language


12.       sonunda
5004 posts
 06 Jul 2010 Tue 09:47 pm


Quoting oceaneyes

In Erzurum is not much to do for tourists when you not speak Turkish.

Most of the people there only speak Turkish not any other language


Those are the places I like best!


13.       DaveT
70 posts
 10 Jul 2010 Sat 09:07 am

I spent a day in Erzurum a couple of years ago, just looking around, and enjoyed the place.  There are a number of historic old buildings and the town was interesting for itself, being very much more Asian than European.


It certainly is conservative, with what seems like a cami on every block.  I encountered no  English speakers but people were friendly enough and I had no problems getting by with only rudimentary Turkish.  Nobody bothered me at all except for a few small children at  Üç Türbe, who demanded money to pose for pictures.  They were annoying but scattered quickly enough when I glared at them.  It´s not a warm place but it´s not Antactica either.  You want to dress conservatively there anyway, with long sleeves and pants legs, and a jacket might come in handy.


I liked Erzurum and would recommend a visit to it.

14.       ValeriYa
30 posts
 10 Jul 2010 Sat 04:29 pm

Thank you, Davet for sharing your opinion.

There are already  two of us (both are russian!!)who want to go there. But we decided to search opportunity to spend winter vacation skiing at Palandoken (developing recreation center nearby the city).

15.       slavica
814 posts
 10 Jul 2010 Sat 07:00 pm

These are some of Erzurum attractions:


The modern city, with wide tree lined boulevards and university buildings, is intertwined with the historical district. The Seljuk buildings in the town are remarkable. The Ulu (Grand) Mosque built in 1179 is interesting, with its many columns and seven wide naves. Next door to Ulu Mosque is the Cifte Minareli (Double Minaret) Medrese (theological school), which is the most famous feature of the city. It is a perfect example of Seljuk architecture, the carved portal being particularly fine.

Walking south you will see the Three Tombs (Üç Kümbetler). Another interesting tomb is the elegant 13th century Hatuniye Tomb. The Yakutiye Medrese of the 13th century is one of the most important historical monuments of Erzurum with its beautiful portal and richly tiled minaret. Here is an elaborate mosque built by the great architect Sinan in the 16th century, the Lala Mustafa Pasa Mosque. The Aziziye monument commemorating the Turkish - Russian War, the citadel and Bell Tower, the Rüstem Pasa Caravanserai and the Bedesten are other historical places of interest.

For nature lovers, Lake Tortum, 120 kilometers from Erzurum, and Mount Palandöken provide perfect opportunities. Palandöken winter sports and skiing resort which is reached by mountain roads of scenic beauty, is only 6 kilometers from Erzurum. This winter sports spot is competitive with those of Europe. By Lake Tortum you will encounter a rarely found beauty of a peaceful lake. The waterfalls at the northern end of the lake are worth seeing as they plunge from a height of 47 m (150 ft)


Quoted from All About Turkey


Oviously, there is something to see, from historical sights and buildings to natural beauties. And spending winter vacation skiing at Palandoken sounds as a good idea.

16.       tccio
45 posts
 20 Jul 2010 Tue 09:33 am

hey Valeria, I was born in Erzurum. I haven´t been there much but my uncle is with me who came from there recently. I can ask him anything you want to know about there.

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