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What is the best turkish names ?
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50.       mltm
3690 posts
 25 Jan 2013 Fri 10:16 pm

I don´t say it because it is my name but Meltem is one of the best female names {#emotions_dlg.love}. Thank you my parents.


other than it, I like female names with the ending "em" like Sinem, Didem, Çiğdem...


But to say the truth, it is the person who makes his/her name beautiful.

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51.       Abla
3647 posts
 25 Jan 2013 Fri 11:09 pm



Yavuz, Alper, Zeki (ok one Arabic name also)

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52.       sashk
12 posts
 26 Jan 2013 Sat 04:10 am

Lol, that´s putting it lightly  I think we all know what Natasha is synonymous for nowadays in Turkey Quote:

Add quoted text here



I know someone who had a baby girl and named her Natasha. Her surname is Kaltak (father is Bosnian). I don´t think it´s a particularly good combination if she ever visits Turkey.

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53.       elenagabriela
2040 posts
 26 Jan 2013 Sat 08:36 am

Melis Nur

54.       roxanatv
47 posts
 09 Feb 2013 Sat 04:27 am

I like the name "Tolga" for boys (it reminds me of someone special) {#emotions_dlg.ty_ty}


And Elçin or Defne for girls.

55.       Laleler
84 posts
 09 Feb 2013 Sat 08:56 am


Quoting Abla



Yavuz, Alper, Zeki (ok one Arabic name also) 


Alp er = Brave soldier

Yavuz= capable

 Hülya is not Turkish also, i guess it is also arabic,

hülya is plural of hayal= dream,

 its Turkish is düş

İ like Barış name because of its meaning =Peace

İ like also Emre name,meaning Lover. it reminds me Yunus Emre.

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Edited (2/9/2013) by Laleler

56.       ilayda507509
2 posts
 14 Apr 2013 Sun 11:09 pm

i like ilayda for girls because my name is ilayda but i like berk and mert names for boys 

57.       Faruk
1607 posts
 14 Apr 2013 Sun 11:10 pm


Quoting ilayda507509

i like ilayda for girls because my name is ilayda but i like berk and mert names for boys 


It´s a nice name but what does it mean?

58.       Faruk
1607 posts
 14 Apr 2013 Sun 11:15 pm

Faruk is a boy name and its meaning is:

The one who is just, who separates truth and false.

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59.       JulianaJuliana
12 posts
 06 Sep 2013 Fri 12:37 pm

My favorite Turkish names for man are Yalın, Serdar and Ayberk. Women´s name are Şebnem, Ayşegül, Sibel and Füsun.

By the way the name Meltem always remainds me one very beautiful girl. She was beauty queen, she won an internationl beauty contest in USSR in 1989. Her name is Meltem Hakarar.

60.       hummayun ali
14 posts
 06 Sep 2013 Fri 02:32 pm

hakan , burrak , Cem , pelin , zeynap 

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