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Turkey is nicer this year more then ever!!
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1.       MrX67
2540 posts
 16 Jun 2006 Fri 02:37 pm

so don't be late to reserve ur place

2.       Deli_kizin
6376 posts
 16 Jun 2006 Fri 02:41 pm

Quoting MrX67:

so don't be late to reserve ur place

Well I heard that it had about 60% less bookings this year because of birdflu and terroristic attacks.. so I think the true lovers can find a spot to stay

3.       MrX67
2540 posts
 16 Jun 2006 Fri 02:44 pm

well,thats only speculations,so its good for to all who wants a cheaper and nicer holiday

4.       sophie
2712 posts
 16 Jun 2006 Fri 03:55 pm

Quoting MrX67:

its good for to all who wants a cheaper and nicer holiday

That's why Turkey has always been my favorite destination

Although I was a little disappointed at Istanbul 2 months ago. Everything was so much more expensive than before. I hope I wont find the same "development" in the other touristic places of Turkey this summer.

5.       k_georgia
48 posts
 16 Jun 2006 Fri 04:20 pm

I agree with Sophie, Istanbul is became more and more expensive. In any case I would never change it with any other city in the world! By the way what about prices in Cappadocia? I will go there on July

6.       Beany
144 posts
 16 Jun 2006 Fri 06:05 pm

I agree. I prefer to go on holiday somewhere where development hasn't changed the place completely. Everywhere is becoming too much like home and foreign countries aren't 'foreign' anymore. You need some development in places to modernise the country etc but not to change it so much.

7.       sophie
2712 posts
 16 Jun 2006 Fri 07:07 pm

Quoting Beany:

You need some development in places to modernise the country etc but not to change it so much.

Actually, the word development in my and k-georgia's posts, was a little sarcastic and had to do with the high prices that we found this year in Turkia (i ll use the greek name for it, since i also dont like the word Turkey).

But you are right at the point you are making. And I remember one of Bod's posts when he first entered TC, where he was talking about Marmaris if im not mistaken.
Turkey is changing so fast. And nobody is against development. But if development is to turn this beautiful country into a british or german copy, then you have achieved nothing.

Turkey is beautiful in it's own traditional colors and spices. When instead of the traditional meyhane I have to eat in fancy restaurants, I lose my desire to eat. When I watch russian BLONDE girls belly dancing in the 'turkish night' shows, I feel that my taste is insulted. When the names of the coffee shops are 'Mickey's' 'Johny's' and 'blue lagoon', I feel like I m walking in a Greek touristic road, which i hate for the same reasons. Even when it comes to Imam calling people to pray, it sounds so bad to hear it from a cassette player, instead of watching the priest up there.

Yes, development is essential. But whatever it carries with it, it should be done in a way that things don't lose their original beauty. Turkia's face is so amazing and so mysterious. Turkia,like Greece, has so many beauties to show and such an endless history to be proud of. Greece lost the game. It became so much european, that nothing can remind that once it was the land of Gods. The only traditional thing that we have to demonstrate now, is greek Muzaka and Uzo, next to McDonalds burgers and 'Johny's' pub's coctails. It's so sad.

It's not so late for Turkia yet. It can make the difference. And this way, I m sure that it will attract more tourists and increase the national income.
But then again, who am I to tell huh?

8.       MrX67
2540 posts
 16 Jun 2006 Fri 07:32 pm

thx for the all wonderfull opinions dveloping and the changes and the effects of that on cultures dear friends..well,i will try to add somethings on ur opinions with my poor English.developing but what for,changing but in which way,these r really important questions.And i think world turning a borederless globe day by day with the dominant capitalist cultures,things changing so fast when the Europan life stilies goin there,and honest i'm not sure if its developing or to lost all the special beauties what we have.Turkey in a big change since 1980's ,but we old generation so missing our old traditions and old beauties.Anyhow i'm still proud with my country and with our deep culture,so no worries still many goodness in Turkey

9.       Beany
144 posts
 16 Jun 2006 Fri 07:50 pm

Your english is excellent mrx67! You are right to be proud and I hope your old traditions are never forgotten and in fact are returned as soon as possible!! Seni Cok seviyorum turkia!

10.       MrX67
2540 posts
 16 Jun 2006 Fri 07:55 pm

ty for ur sweet&kind compliments about our lovely country beany,and we proud with our dear guests and all Turkey friends from all over the world.and if only we could make u more more more and more happy on ur all visitsi wish all the bests for you...

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