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Why is Marmaris so quiet?
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40.       oreniyorum8
137 posts
 21 Jun 2006 Wed 03:28 pm

Im here to add my t'pence worth again!

Bod I totally agree with what you said about Marmaris and i have to admit that i sometimes feel like im living in miniture England. All they have done is cater for the needs of English people with the wide screen tvs showing football, greasy spoon takeaways and 'Eastender' english bars - whats that all about? personaly i want to see more of the turkish culture here but i think that it will be impossible to ever get that back again - Marmaris has changed for the worst and it wont be on my list of places to settle down. Koycegiz is lovely my husbands father has a villa there and its so beautiful, he grows all his own vegetables and it is just the place to go to get a taste of the 'real Turkey' As much as i have had my fair share of bad times in Istanbul,i still love the place and it has a certain characteristic that Marmaris and all these other tourist resorts will never have..that is - A Culture

41.       chessiedelight
6 posts
 21 Jun 2006 Wed 06:44 pm

well it must have changed from when i went but it was hmm over ten year ago the resturants were lovely and there were no greasy cafes !!! like i say im goin back a while though

42.       MrX67
2540 posts
 21 Jun 2006 Wed 06:48 pm

don't forget to visit Bursa to after Marmaris chessie

43.       oreniyorum8
137 posts
 21 Jun 2006 Wed 06:58 pm

I am going to visit oludeniz again next week - really looking forward to it, and means i can get away from Marmaris for the day!

Dont get me wrong, Marmaris is beautiful - e.g pineclad mountains, sea views etc but i dont like what it has turned into. I would love it to go back to the way it was 10 or more years ago

Has anyone else visited oludeniz?

44.       libralady
5152 posts
 21 Jun 2006 Wed 07:10 pm

I was in Oludeniz last week and that was also quiet we are told. Our hotel was only half full although we had a job to get flights!! It is a truly beautiful resort and the people I found very friendly even though they are a bit pushy trying to sell their trips. But that is to be expected when it is quiet.

I think it is bird flu and terrorism that has caused the problem - the Brits have enough disposable income now as the economy is good and the exchange rate is excellent - £1 = 2.8TL

45.       bod
5999 posts
 21 Jun 2006 Wed 07:46 pm

Quoting libralady:

I think it is bird flu

Isn't that what birds are supposed to do lol

46.       deli
5904 posts
 21 Jun 2006 Wed 08:32 pm

bod you crack me up

47.       oreniyorum8
137 posts
 21 Jun 2006 Wed 09:08 pm

after two reads i got it! he he very good

48.       Deli_kizin
6376 posts
 22 Jun 2006 Thu 01:00 am


49.       aimee
28 posts
 22 Jun 2006 Thu 01:46 am

Quoting bod:

While we had a hire car we drove out to two towns that were much less tourist orientated than Marmaris......Datça and Köyceğiz. Getting to them took an age due to the distance but they were both much nicer and more traditionally Turkish than Marmaris!

I really liked Köyceğiz and want to try and get back there.

Last time we visited it was during Ramadan so not very much was going on during the day. Plus I spoke zero Türkçe This time I am hoping to sit outside a few bars with Türkler and enjoy their way of life as much as I can

Oh my!! I am so pleased and excited to hear someone mention Koycegiz. I think it is the most beautiful place and I have spent many hours just sitting beside that serene lake! I have such happy happy memories of the area spanning some 7 years and I have the most beautiful picture of the lake blown up and covering my sitting room wall. Has anyone ever been to the waterfall just outside Koycegiz, on the edges of Toparlar? Many locals meet there and dive off the highest point into the deepest pool! It's another gem!

You've made my night Bod by just mentioning Koycegiz and whilst the memories are bitter sweet at present I wouldn't want to miss a moment of reliving them!

50.       bod
5999 posts
 22 Jun 2006 Thu 02:51 pm

Quoting deli:

bod you crack me up

I do try

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