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80.       burakk
309 posts
 30 Oct 2013 Wed 08:37 pm


Quoting thehandsom



I completely agree, however, if we all close our eyes to the racism NOW, these racists will  do it again.  

Some people should stand up against these things.. If there were not brave anti-racist Americans, some still be burning blacks in the States. 



i thought it was the turkish people that were being burned in germany. englihten me on the "again* part of your comment.

81.       AlphaF
5677 posts
 31 Oct 2013 Thu 09:07 am


Quoting tunci


I think people who have signed into this web-site [for the purpose of learning Turkish] has had enough of  seeing  this stupid argument about racism on the front page. 




Seek stupidity in your own posts.

Ask your mother to buy your shoes in pairs, so you have a shoe on each foot...

82.       thehandsom
7403 posts
 31 Oct 2013 Thu 11:33 am


Quoting burakk



englihten me on the "again* part of your comment.




83.       si++
3785 posts
 01 Nov 2013 Fri 10:07 am


Quoting si++



Do you mean something like this?

His own research indicated that Armenia´s account of history was a "tall tale".. He decided to write a book on this subject.

From that point on, life took a funny turn for Sam Weems.

- he was tried on some petty charges and was eventually disbarred.

- he was accused of arson and tried in courts (not sure if he was convicted)

It was as if an organişzed campaign was on, to discredit his character and to destroy his life.

He eventually had his book in print in 2002. He died shortly afterwards.


Houston, we have a problem here. The communication is broken. The message has not reached to its destination. So far no ackowledgement has been received.

(83 Messages in 9 pages - View all)
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