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About Turkey and Turkish Language/People
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10.       MarioninTurkey
6124 posts
 12 Aug 2014 Tue 03:18 pm



"pretty good" or "fairly good" are a little bit less than just saying good on its own.

They are more than "a little bit good". I hesitate to put a number on it, but it´s like 80-90% good instead of 100% good.


e.g. He was pretty well behaved means the child was mostly well behaved but sometimes he was a little bit naughty.


It´s like "iyimsi" or "iye doğru"


Your friend should have realised English was not your native language.


11.       Elisabeth
5732 posts
 12 Aug 2014 Tue 06:01 pm

I have been with my Turkish husband for many years now.  I gave up on Turkish language fluency a long time ago.  I know enough to get around on my own when we stay in Turkey and I know enough to have a polite basic conversation.  I can tell you more about Turkish people and culture than the language. 

The secret to Turkish people is that they are just people, not unlike anyone else you will meet in your own country.  They have families, work, love, laugh, cry, eat, sleep and live/die like all manner of people.  There are good Turks, bad Turks, in between Turks.  Some are helpful and kind to westerners.  Some are not.  I am sure where you are from, there are some people like foreigners while some do not. 

Generally speaking, people in Turkey are warm and love to show people the very best of their country and culture and will try to be helpful.  As an American woman married to a Turkish man, I can tell you that people either love me or they hate me - there is very little in between.  In my experience, it is not uncommon for Turkish people to tell you their opinion whether you want it or not and they will not attempt to save your feelings.  Turks are very honest in this way and I rather like it.  I love most of my Turkish family...not all.  The ones who love me back would do anything for me and I would do the same.  I have been the happy recipient of some of the most genuine and heartfelt hospitality, even in the beginning of my relationship with my husband.  I have also experienced some cruel and hostile comments from people who barely know me. 

So what can you study so that you will know and understand Turks and Turkish culture?  Well, everything...and nothing.  You can study your entire life and not truly understand until you experience it.  Being part of a Turkish family is very different from being a tourist.  I have never seen Turkey through the eyes of a tourist.  I see it through my husband and now my children.  I love being there but I also get very, very homesick when I am there for an extended period. 


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12.       Troy84
10 posts
 12 Aug 2014 Tue 06:16 pm

thanks for your reply

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