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Living - working in Turkey

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Do Turkish men marry foreign women?
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20.       bydand
755 posts
 10 Jan 2017 Tue 08:19 pm

Exactly gokuyum. We have been coming to Turkey for almost 30 years and have made many friends. We find Turkish people on the whole very welcoming. Religion isn´t a problem. We exchange greetings at our various festivals. We have a few unpleasant characters in our own country. 

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21.       Leo S
183 posts
 04 Jun 2017 Sun 08:48 am


Quoting KediNero


This is very stupid and racist question.

Why do you think that your people are better than Turkish or anyone else who is not your religion?


Why most of British and American people are racists?


I don´t think it´s racist or a stupid question, she´s asking if the cliche is true or not and of course there may be some Turkish men who are like that and some who aren´t. They are a lot of playboys around in tourist spots of Turkey and lots of Western women who are looking for romance as well.  Don´t be so touch. She never raised religion, you did, ask yourself why you did that? Be honest with yourself and enquire within, and ask "Why did I bring religion into it?"


Can you guarantee they are no Turkish men who ´love em and leave em´? There is 80-70 million Turks, some of them are that way. Probably most as most men  like new conquests.

22.       kimluuthien
1 posts
 30 Sep 2017 Sat 10:00 am

I think knowledge is very much important. The reason why women in my country (third world countries you can say) are played by many White Causscian men is that women here do not travel, lack of reality knowledge, so they think innocently and believed that all Causscian men are better (nicer/kinder, wiser) than Asian men (which is so wrong)....


The same with you travelled to Turkey, your excitement for visiting a strange country prevented you to see the reality. You lacked of knowledge, plus you let your guard down (just like women in my country). Lets see, if you live there for at least 2 months, I know you will have different mindset

Remember: No one can trick a wise and intelligent people becausel all tricks are seen by them. 


If Turkish men are "all" bad, then how can I heard many great stories about Turkish people from many European backpackers I met during my one month staying in Tbilisi? (They lived in Turkey for at least 3-6 months, and they told possitive things with wise knowledge like locals).

I myself have a turkish boyfriend too, but he does not work in tourist agent, he is a government officer (Tax inspector).... He told me Turkish men are loyal and honest at heart (I believe him, because I believe humankind is genuine most of the time no matter where you born)


- Well,... my point is that.... If you treat a person with all dignity (not what you think you should treat them), then you attracts people who are admirable to you regardless of nationality and ethnicity. 



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23.       defacto
42 posts
 02 Oct 2017 Mon 05:48 pm

if love you will be marry with you dont worry

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