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Black Sea Region - Karadeniz Bolgesi

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Black Sea Region, named after the neighbouring Black Sea, is a place where you can see all different tones of green and enjoy scenic mountains and plateaus with a mild climate. Although Black Sea is connected to the Mediterrenean Sea with the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles Strait, its water is milder and creates a completely different climate compared to the Mediterrenean climate. Heavy rainfall makes the scarce lands of the region very fertile, allowing the production of more than half of the world`s hazelnut and almost all of the famous Turkish tea.

Western Black Sea Region has a warmer climate and hosts more industrialized and modern cities like Zonguldak, Bolu and Duzce. Middle and eastern Black Sea Region, however, are more in touch with nature and attract nature lovers with plateau tourism facilities.

Trabzon, on the east of this region, was the capital of the Pontus Greek Empire and keeps the history well protected. You can see the amazing Sumela Monastery built on a mountain side, or the Trabzon Ayasofya Church from the Orthodox Pontus Greeks.

Canik Dagi - Mount Canik
Black Sea Mountains
Black Sea Region houses
Waterfall in Black Sea region
Black sea's only island....
Ünye Castle
Ünye Castle
Karadeniz Ereglisi
Blacksea Region
Blacksea Region
Kıyıköy Limanı

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