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Useful Links For Turkish Learners
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1.       erdinc
2151 posts
 25 Sep 2007 Tue 12:55 am

Last updated on 07 Aug 2008. Hello, Here is a list of online sources on Turkish language. If you feel like contributing to the list please post your links in this topic and they might be added if the website is not too commercial. Regards Erdinç


Online Turkish Language Sources:

1. TurkishClass Grammar Pages

2. verbix.com A Turkish Verb Conjugation Tool.

3. Some Online Lessons. http://users.pandora.be/orientaal/classroom.html

4. All you need to learn about Turkish Grammar. Navigate through the menu the left. http://www.turkishlanguage.co.uk/

5. A List Of Most Popular Websites on Turkish Language On the Internet http://www.alexa.com/browse/general/?&CategoryID=559196&mode=general&Start=1&SortBy=Popularity

6. Explains grammar, gives examples and then tests you. http://www.cs.bilkent.edu.tr/~guvenir/CATT/GrammarTutor/

7. Scroll down to see the contents. This website is unfortunately not very well organized. http://www.practicalturkish.com/learning-practical-turkish--table-of-contents.html

8. Some Language Related Games http://www.ic.arizona.edu/ic/babur/home201_2002.htm

9. Turkish lessons at the University of Arizona. You can listen to some simple conversations. http://cali.arizona.edu/maxnet/tur/

10. The website explains some basic topics with many examples. The navigation isn´t the best but you can listen to the sentences and see the translations underneath. http://www.princeton.edu/~turkish/practice/tlepss.html

11. These are fragments of some Turkish films. Click on lessons on top and choose first lesson. Very useful listening material. http://www.international.ucla.edu/turkishtutor/pages/home/blackborder-fs.html

12. Basics of Turkish grammar, explained clearly. Look for the list of all suffixes. http://www.cromwell-intl.com/turkish/Index.html

13. List of Suffixes, formulas and functions with examples. You can click on a a suffix on the alphabetic list on the left and it will explain what it is and will also show some examples. http://www.dnathan.com/language/turkish/tsd/

14. This is a small, nice and clean website that offers lessons for intermediate and advanced learners. You need to navigate from the menu on the right panel. You listen to a text and than answer a few questions about what you have listened. http://babel.uoregon.edu/ylc/selfstudy/turkish/lessons/

15. This website has some puzzle games with audio. http://cassandra.sprex.com/teachionary/Turkish.html

16. English-Turkish Vocabulary Quizzes http://iteslj.org/v/tr/

17. WinMekMak: The Magic of Conjugating Turkish Verbs http://www.ipb.nu/winmekmak/

Scroll down and click on the link for the latest version. There is no installation. Simply put the exe file somewhere on your computer and double click to run it. For instance, save the program on your desktop and leave it there. This program is for free. I strongly recommend it. I have contributed to the last version myself. I think it works great. It recognises the verb while you type. Type an infinitive and it will give you full conjugations. You can also type a conjugation and it will tell you the infinitive. To do this, run the program and press F3 on your keyboard. A new window will appear where you can type the conjugation. Here is a screenshot: Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

18. There are many test on this website to test your Turkish level. The interface is not the best. http://www.dilmer.com/practice/

19. This online tool replaces Turkish characters with with English letters. For instance, it will replace ç with c, ş with s and so on. It works perfectly. Simply paste your text and press ´submit text´ button. http://www.hlst.sabanciuniv.edu/TL/ascii.html

20. This is the opposite of the previous tool. This will recover Turkish characters where they are missing. It works with average precision. http://www.hlst.sabanciuniv.edu/TL/deascii.html

21. "Sevgili Murat" is an instructional film for Turkish learners. There is a sample movie on this page. You´ll need to order the DVD to watch it. This is movie is for advanced learners only. http://www.nmelrc.org/index.php?module=pagemaster&PAGE_user_op=view_page&PAGE_id=16&MMN_position=38:34

22. Here are audio recordings of some stories. http://korler.bilkent.edu.tr/archive/SesliKitap/ The stories were selected from the book, ´99 stories from 99 authors. Selim İleri, a Turkish novelist pick famous stories from our literature. These are defianetly for advanced learners. This is the book: http://www.tulumba.com/storeItem.asp?ic=zBK982739QA392 http://www.ideefixe.com/kitap/tanim.asp?sid=KC50FQ0P4M5RNE6LF4BQ

23. List of Turkish words that English speakers are able to understand. Thanks to our members who helped me on this mission: http://www.turkishclass.com/forumTitle_6_1710

24. A new, small website. http://www.learnturkish.bravehost.com/

25. Tenses in Turkish:





1. Our dictionary. You can also access to this dictionary by double clicking on words in this website. Try double clicking on any word you see, right here in this topic. http://www.turkishdictionary.net/

2. A Turkish dictionary with sound. You need to click "dinle" (listen) to listen the sounds.

http://www.seslisozluk.com/ The sounds are very correspondant to the actual sounds.

3. An interesting multifunctional dictionary by Sabanci Üniversity

http://www.hlst.sabanciuniv.edu/TL/ It has an Morphological Analyzer of words.


About Turkia:

1. Many articles and news about Turkia http://www.mymerhaba.com/en/main/index.asp

2. http://www.turkeytravelplanner.com/

3. e-book about Turkia in English. I have downloaded this e-book myself. It has lots of good articles accompanied with pictures. I think it gives a good picture about the country. http://www.globaled.org/announcement050227.php

4. There are many articles in English on this page from an official website. http://www.byegm.gov.tr/YAYINLARIMIZ/kitaplar/turkiye2003/content/english/index.htm -----------------------------------------------------------

In French

1. http://malenki.mon-asso.org/turk/

2. http://coursdeturc.free.fr/index.php

3. http://pagesperso.laposte.net/hbayard/apprentissage/cartes/fabric/liens.php -----------------------------------------------------------

In Russian

1. http://www.franklang.ru/tr.html On this wensite you can find books in Turkish, links to online libraries, Turkish dictionaries, Turkish grammar, pronounciation, Turkish short stories, Turkish poetry (translated to Russian and English), Turkish songs translated to Russian. This link was mentioned by Slavica.

2. http://www.turkce.ru/ This link was mentioned by renatka.


In German

1. http://www.berin.de/turk.htm

2. http://www.tuerkisch-lernen-online.de/


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2.       Melek74
1506 posts
 17 Nov 2008 Mon 03:48 am

Here´s a couple links that I haven´t noticed on the list. The first one is a favorite of mine, it has many links to videos with transcripts, exercises, etc. The second one is for those who know Polish.





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3.       pg7691
8 posts
 01 Dec 2008 Mon 09:46 pm

The link I use for turkish grammar practice and found very useful:




Have a look

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4.       lady in red
6947 posts
 01 Dec 2008 Mon 09:54 pm


Quoting pg7691

The link I use for turkish grammar practice and found very useful:




Have a look


 That looks nice - thanks.  Set out a bit like Manisa from what I could see at first glance.

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5.       makowiec
5 posts
 01 Dec 2008 Mon 09:59 pm



www.internetpolyglot.com  is the site where u can learn all languages=)  there are so games for learning words, not grammar. but its useful too. and it lets to have fun in learning=)

some parts of site are in polish but it doesnt matter=) u have to choose the language ur interested in and.... have fun!


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6.       nonameguy
1 posts
 09 Aug 2009 Sun 09:24 pm

www.turkishonline.ru Very nice turkish lessons for those who knows or wants to learn Russian also. I got much there.

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7.       ReyhanL
1961 posts
 10 Aug 2009 Mon 11:41 pm


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8.       Adam25
369 posts
 11 Aug 2009 Tue 02:47 pm


Quoting ReyhanL



for download Teach Yourself Turkish


is this same as the link you gave a while ago here? - http://www.turkishclass.com/forumTitle_41388

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9.       ReyhanL
1961 posts
 11 Aug 2009 Tue 02:52 pm


Quoting Adam25



is this same as the link you gave a while ago here? - http://www.turkishclass.com/forumTitle_41388


 Ãt is not the same link...the first is not working anymore thats why i post this new one. And if you give me a gmail adress i can send you also the audio files that are together with this book. You or those who wants them...

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Edited (8/11/2009) by ReyhanL

10.       Adam25
369 posts
 11 Aug 2009 Tue 03:37 pm


Quoting ReyhanL



 Ãt is not the same link...the first is not working anymore thats why i post this new one. And if you give me a gmail adress i can send you also the audio files that are together with this book. You or those who wants them...


Flowersv.kind, thanks but I downloaded from your original link and still have cd that came originally with the book and i can use that

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