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Difference between dost and arkadas
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10.       slavica
814 posts
 07 Dec 2005 Wed 06:46 pm

At one of topics Bliss tried to explain difference between DOST and ARKADAŞ using Russian. For Russian speakers and others interested:

11.       bod
5999 posts
 07 Dec 2005 Wed 07:04 pm

There seem to be other words for much the same thing :-S

"yaren" has just come up on the word game

12.       AlphaF
5677 posts
 07 Dec 2005 Wed 07:09 pm

"Yaren" is the kind of friend you enjoy talking to..no secrets from a "yaren"

Dont tell me you talk to all your friends. With some, you prefer to go fishing with...

13.       Lyndie
968 posts
 07 Dec 2005 Wed 07:13 pm

Let's not forget the importance of a 'kanka' - blood brother! you can't get better than that can you?

14.       SuiGeneris
3922 posts
 07 Dec 2005 Wed 07:17 pm

Quoting Elisa:

Dost is like a "soulmate" then?

there is a song of Placebo called Sleeping with Ghosts... in that song Brain Molko says.

"soulmates never dies" its important to have soulmates or kankas or dosts. good day friends are everywhere BEWARE!

15.       Lyndie
968 posts
 07 Dec 2005 Wed 07:19 pm

'good day friends'
Sui - we say in england 'fair weather' friends.

16.       erdinc
2151 posts
 07 Dec 2005 Wed 07:32 pm

yaren isn't common and I think it should be skipped by learners. Most of the Turks wouldnt understand and if they do they would misunderstand it as it sounds related to yar (lover). Just forget about this one.
Ahbap can also be skipped if you don't like a strong language.

17.       Deli_kizin
6376 posts
 07 Dec 2005 Wed 07:40 pm

Well.. in the end i'd like to learn all the sides of a language.. also the ones that most turks dont even understand themselves But indeed.. not as a beginner
That is more for advanced, a stage i won't reach for quite some time im afraid..

18.       ramayan
2633 posts
 08 Dec 2005 Thu 09:33 am

dost means buddy,dude.....but arkadaş means friend or mate....

for example can dostum:my very close friend or soulmate

sınıf arkadaşim:classmate

19.       lacin
1 posts
 07 Aug 2015 Fri 11:17 pm

arkadaş and dost means friend. we just explained the hidden meaning behind the word "dost". it simply has a more powerful meaning than arkadaş. and of course the "lover" meaning too.

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