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Studies in Turkey
1.       Sfarog
14 posts
 20 Jul 2008 Sun 05:41 am

Hello everybody!

First I would like to thank everybody who will at least read this topic and think about it. And for those who will try to help I would be even more grateful.

Now - at june 2009 I am going to quit my job (after fulfilling two year contract) and I wish to return to university studies (this year I am accepted on a distance study). Since at that time I will be 21 it´s not a problem. But I was thinking - what if I do something, that would help me even more?
I would love to study in Turkey, especially Istanbul but also any other city. Do you have any information regarding possibilities of gaining a scholarship on turkish university for a EU citizen? Where to look, how to proceed, how to apply etc. etc.? Any information is useful for me.
Thank you very much in advance. I think I am not the only one who is thinking about this here


2.       catwoman
8933 posts
 20 Jul 2008 Sun 07:24 am

There is some information in this thread:

Studying in Turkey

And here:

not sure where to go from here

3.       Sfarog
14 posts
 21 Jul 2008 Mon 02:30 am

Thank you very much. So I see I have to get the YOL exam. Hm... I just missed it I guess :-/ Anyways any other tips anyone? This one was helpful
(the other topics are dead).

4.       Sfarog
14 posts
 25 Jul 2008 Fri 08:13 pm

Nothing else anybody can tell me?

5.       teaschip
3870 posts
 25 Jul 2008 Fri 09:01 pm

Quoting Sfarog:

Nothing else anybody can tell me?

Well can you tell us what your wanting to study? Also, why quit your job, unless it´s not related to the career your looking to go to school for. Employers want education AND experience. So it seems if you could still work and get an education you will be one step ahead.

6.       Sfarog
14 posts
 27 Jul 2008 Sun 05:03 am


I would like to study foreign affairs / international relationships + languages.
You are right that companies like to have experienced workers but you can´t be very well educated and also work. For example I have a good job, working only for about 13 or 14 days in months. So I will be able to study at home while on the distance studies. But even ´tho I have to drop the languages because studying them is very, very hard. Also studying alone or under the tutorship or teachers is a big difference I think.

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