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Turkish Politics

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Non-Muslim Turks
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60.       thehandsom
7403 posts
 18 Mar 2009 Wed 10:28 pm


Quoting Rocco Siffredi

dear cynicmystic and dear tamikidakika, please ignore that incurable person. she must clean her house, before being an admin in this crappy website. don´t tire yourself so much. this is my recommendation to you all. have fun. Alcoholics


Wow. ..With your ´heavy´ presence, I am really scared now..lol 

61.       femmeous
2642 posts
 18 Mar 2009 Wed 10:32 pm


Quoting TheAenigma



 It that something I should be ashamed of?

Does it have more "street cred" to get warnings?



 yes, shame on you.

62.       Kaya´08
 29 Mar 2009 Sun 08:29 pm

Im a strong opposer of islam in our society, because of its inherient inability (more so that christianity) to progress and be rational. I believe alot of our inner struggles, both in society and politics, is because of Islam. Every backward approach within our society, every backward approach in our our policies, and within our politics, is inherited from Islam. Im a rational person, and my political ideaologies are based on rational policies. I believe in progress, in modernization, in equality, and a strong backer of secularism; all which is vital for Turkey´s growth and progression to a modern state where everbody within the Turks boarders are free to practise there beliefs and live however they wish, without opression or discrimination (though i am opposed to religion, i believe strongly that all should have the right to practice it moderately within every country). We are nearly at that stage, and it is my vision, as it was the vision of our founding father before, that secular Turkey will become just that: a state that does not discriminate, or favour, certain religious sects, but rather stands to represent them all and protect there rights to be practiced. And it is exactly this vision of Turkey that needs to evolve in order to be fit enough to join the EU clan. It is also because of  Islam (moderately present within our society), Islams inherit inability to bring equality to all parts of our society, upon every sex and religious follower, and, being largely present within our society, its inherit inabilities have also influenced the wind of politics, which is unfortunate. Not only does it indicate the Turkish governments need to reinforce secularism further, but it is also evident that islam within our community needs to be further relaxed, and the ban on headscarfs within government institutions (actually legal under UN frameworks) is a positive step to normalizing our society, and further integrating it with the west, where it has and always will belong.

(62 Messages in 7 pages - View all)
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