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Karacabey-the most famous Turkish horse breeding farm
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40.       adana
416 posts
 28 Mar 2009 Sat 07:53 pm

Kiara ,thank you very much for your involvement but tracing this breed is not that easy)I checked the lineage of the horse whose picture you posted,it indeed may have a bit of Karacabey blood but I am looking for more info about original breed .The funny thing is that even encyclopaedia of horses mentions such entry without a picture)

But I found an interesting book by Jeremy James about other Turkish horse-a stallion

The Byerley Turk is known as one of the three foundation stallions of the Thoroughbred breed, but how he came to England is mostly a mystery. British writer Jeremy James combines thorough research and skillful storywriting to come up with this exciting "account" of the life of this important stallion

the book is available in the net as well.Thank you Kiara) and if you are willing to help again let´s carry on)

providing a link would destroy the size of the page..hahahaTHE BYERLEY TURK;BY JEREMY JAMES


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41.       Kiara
145 posts
 29 Mar 2009 Sun 06:46 am

Quote: Adana

Kiara ,thank you very much for your involvement but tracing this breed is not that easy)
You´re very welcome....It was fun searching for this horse breed...even though I didn´t find very much. This book that you mention... The Byerley Turk...I found on Amazon.com  . Is the Byerley Turk the original breed that the Karacabey horse came from? I am very interested in "carrying on this search" Big smile . I had never heard of this breed before now and now you´ve sparked my interest Satisfied nod.

42.       AlphaF
5677 posts
 29 Mar 2009 Sun 11:40 am

Keyword into Turkish horses is AKALTEKE,



43.       adana
416 posts
 29 Mar 2009 Sun 11:52 am


Quoting AlphaF

Keyword into Turkish horses is AKALTEKE,




 Thanx bro,will check it)

44.       adana
416 posts
 29 Mar 2009 Sun 12:32 pm

Turkish horses were the most devoted and appreciated companion of The best Cavalry ever in the world ´s history known as Winged Husars in 16th and 17th century.Each rider had at least 4 of them.The horses were extremely tough,fast and light.The horses were undergoing special training making them a battle tool.Polish riders on turkish horses were invincible)





45.       KilynnTor
1 posts
 13 Oct 2009 Tue 07:38 am

I have found a few pictures: http://www.cm-westernreiten.de/karacabeyer.jpg
from: http://www.cm-westernreiten.de/pferde12.htm


The horse up top looks like it could be one but the horse below are Tbs


Reuters Pictures 1 month ago Horses run at the Karacabey Pension Stud farm in the western Turkish town of Karacabey August 17, 2009. The Karacabey Pension Stud farm is the biggest stud farm in Turkey and one of the leading ones in Europe in terms of paddock size. The farm has 361 hectares of paddock area. It has more than 220 staff and its horse population rises as high as 1,200 between January and June each year due to births. Picture taken August 17, 2009

Other farms are known to breed TB and or Arabs, these are definately Thoroughbreds

This is the home site and it appears bothe TBs and Arabs are bred: http://www.tjk.org/
info: http://www.tjk.org/tjk_en/Content/Haralar_en.aspx?l=
Karacabeys should have a more arabian look I think, since Arabs were bred with the native ponies and stock type horse.
Any other farm I have seen breeds either TBs or Arabs.

They may be possibly trying to breed them back, which is possible considering they were originally bred from existing breeds that are still around. Presently there does not seem to be any left and hardly any pictures to speak of.

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