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About Armenian Issue
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1.       gokuyum
5050 posts
 27 Oct 2010 Wed 10:02 am

Here is a a speech of Ece Temelkuran (a Turkish journalist) on her book Deep Mountain which is about Armenian Issue



2.       thehandsom
7403 posts
 27 Oct 2010 Wed 12:11 pm


Quoting gokuyum

Here is a a speech of Ece Temelkuran (a Turkish journalist) on her book Deep Mountain which is about Armenian Issue





I am definitely buying her book. Lovely woman(!), nice speech.

But what a lovely song which was played just before her speech.. I had goose bumps..





Hayat tek bir andi sensiz yollarda

Bu yil erguvanlar sessiz düsecek suya


The life was just a moment on the roads without you

Purple flowers  will fall into the water quitely this year



En çok erguvanlar bu sehre yakisir

Sen hem erguvanlar hem bu sehirsin Hrant!


Purple flowers go together with this city best.

You are this city as well as the purple flowers, Hrant.




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3.       gokuyum
5050 posts
 27 Oct 2010 Wed 04:06 pm

She is a great and brave journalist. The Turkish title of the book is "Ağrı´nın Derinliği".

4.       Mr.Thunder
31 posts
 01 Apr 2011 Fri 09:27 pm

She is not a historian. She has no value in this field. She just wants to be popular.


Armenians backed(used) by Russia, France and England  massacred thousands of Turks in order to carve out their "Greater Armenia". They were not successful and for the safety of the innocent muslim people and Turkey in general they were displaced and relocated in Syria and Lebanon provinces of Turkey.

Their notorius terrorist organisations like the Tashnaks are still active.

They are used by Turkey´s western allies today to keep Turkey under pressure and control.  They discovered this tactic in the 1960s when Turkey had a political crisis with the US government (Lyndon Johnson) . 


France murdered millions of Algerians in 1960s who cares about them ?!





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5.       Burak7777777
96 posts
 05 Apr 2011 Tue 02:58 pm

lets not talk about near a million children starved to death by american food sanctions since 1990 and an equal number of people losing their lives in ırak war, lets not talk 1.5 million deaths of vietnam. 3 million of hiroshima, chechenia, saddams massacres, cyprus massacre, albanian serbian massacres, palestina, coup in iran, 3 coups in turkey, lets not talk about nahçıvan, şerür, erivan, karabağ. and lets not even talk about africa.


lets talk about armenian massacre instead which we are not sure whether if it was armenians towards turks or turks towards armenians.


Edited (4/5/2011) by Burak7777777

6.       newquaker
28 posts
 09 Apr 2011 Sat 09:07 pm

This was my official response in Europe (2006) to a request regarding my stance on Armenian Issue



My Thoughts About the Armenian Issue
We have a different perspective on the Armenian Issue, which is not the denial of those some dismal things occured. It is rather what exactly happened and to what extent and why.
Unfortunately European perspective is purely one sided and do not question the causes. Armenians had been considered as ´the nation of trust´ in Turkey before the 20th century and some people were even calling them ´Christian Turks´ because of the tight social ties. What happened out of the blue that those two cultures departed from each other after such dismal incidents. Many people don´t even bother to question ´why´ those things happened, and in what circumstances.
Because of the nationalist movements in the late 19th century, particularly Panislavism Policy by Russians, Armenians had the very idea of an independent Armenian State, within the territories in the Eastern Anatolia, where they were not majority anywhere, scattered throughout the region.
They had already had bloody fights with Azeris in the Caucasus, there were massacres in each side (though we would tend to think that its Armenians who started all this)...
In the early 20th century, there were many Armenian uprisings against the Ottoman Authority which had little credibility in the process of dissolution. Armenians, who were already highly spoiled with Soviet support and Intelligence, were at many times, able to speak up against the Authority.
Many of the Armenian Soldiers in the Ottoman Army escaped and joined the Russian Army, which is considered treachery. There were up to 100.000 (even more in some sources) Armenian Soldiers in Russian Army, who were still Ottoman Citizens.
Also by the European support, Armenian Gangs were invading the defenceless, armless Turkish villages (as Most of the Young Male Population was away in the Army) and butchering thousands of people, which is practically an ethnic cleansing to create an Armenian majority for the grounds of self determination.
The Armenian Gangs were striking the Ottoman Army behind, and the Ottoman Army was set between two fires.
As you can even track within Tolstoy´s novels, The Armenian people In Turkey were highly in favor of Russian occupation, and they were usually in cooperation with the ´Enemy´. This is for sure enough of a reason to be considered as a betrayor.
The Muslim civillian losses were up to such a point (millions) that The State had to take some extraordinary measures. It should not be forgotten that we were not living in todays humanitarian world, it was 1915, where the Ottoman Empire was engaged in a fully fledged war, when you can´t take decisions like the way you normally do. You had very limited time and opportunity to take decisions, which had to be quick and effective. And the decision was given, the only way to secure the Empire from collapsing was ´compulsory migration of the Armenians´, which is assumed to be genocide by Europeans.
First off, the numbers of death are extremely exaggerated, you will find the Armenian census in Anatolia of different sources in the CD (which I´d attached).
Secondly, the number of casualties, also include the Armenian Gang members or the Armenian Soldiers who were killed during the wars between Ottoman-Russians or New Turkish Republic-Armenians or in the turmoil in 1918-1919.
Thirdly, many of the people who were lost are assumed to be dead, which is not true because of the increase of Armenian population in various places of the world (they had emmigrated to those places or safely arrived in their destinations, mainly Syria).
Finally, Only the Orthodox Armenians and those in Anatolia (not in Istanbul) were expelled, the Catholic and Istanbul Armenians were not touched. So it doesnt maake much sense to consider this a genocide without completing the chain, in stark contrast to having Armenian deputies on the parliament and in many other keypoints. And the history must talk about more than one million of Muslim civillian victims killed by Armenian Gangs and Soldiers before judging the Turks for the alleged genocide. Turks lost 20-25% of their population during the WWI and less than half of this were soldiers. We don´t deny though, that this ´compulsory migration´ wasn´t a humanly act, or that it is a humanitarian crime. But it was not a genocide and it was only as a result of the acts by Armenians and the only possible solution during the World War, in a country on the verge of total destruction.

Edited (4/9/2011) by newquaker
Edited (4/12/2011) by newquaker

7.       barba_mama
1629 posts
 10 Apr 2011 Sun 11:12 am

You know what I find striking? That Turks in general always asume that the whole of Europe is against them. Guess what, this isn´t about the Turks today! I don´t get why Turks are so hyper about this issue, when it is clear to all that mass murders took place. Every historian agrees on this, they just debate about the labels put on this mass murder. Turks today are being so sensitive about something, when they should just be happy to be alive, look towards the future and find a way to leave in peace with Armenians, without this standing between them.

I have never been so bored with a debate about something that was so important....

8.       si++
3785 posts
 10 Apr 2011 Sun 11:49 am

If I deny "so called" Armenian genocide in Switzerland, I get jailed. Is this over-sensitivity?

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9.       si++
3785 posts
 10 Apr 2011 Sun 12:06 pm

How ´bout the denial of "so called" Armenian genocide becoming and issue during Dutch elections?


Amsterdam: Genocide Denial Causes Dutch Election Upset

by Andy Clark

Radio Netherlands, Netherlands
Sept 27 2006

It might seem a little strange but the Armenian genocide of 1915 has
become an issue in the run up to the Dutch elections. The two leading
parties in the opinion polls have kicked out prospective MPs because
they deny that the genocide took place. The candidates, one from the
opposition Labour Party and two from the biggest coalition party -
the Christian Democrat CDA - are Dutch/Turkish politicians.

It made the headlines after questions were raised by the Armenian
community in the Netherlands when the names of the candidates were
made public on the party lists for the November elections, and a
heated discussion soon followed.

Official policy The candidates in question had clearly stated in the
past that, in their view, the genocide of Armenians in Turkey in 1915
had not taken place. This view is contrary to the official policy of
the Dutch government and of the parties themselves.

Tineke Huizinga is from the Christian Union - a small party in the
parliament which introduced an initiative in 2004 saying that the
government has to push for recognition of the genocide in Turkey as
part of the negotiations for Turkey´s desired accession to the EU.

That initiative was unanimously accepted. Ms Huzinga explains the
official Dutch position:

"More than one and a half million people were murdered during the
time of World War I by Turkey and this was a genocide and you can
absolutely compare this with the Holocaust."

Never took place It was a clash with this position that brought the CDA
candidates Ayhan Tonca, Osman Elamci and Labour Party candidate Erdinc
Sacan into problems with their parties. Ayhan Tonca has constantly
denied the genocide occurred:

"The genocide that people talk about never took place."

Although he doesn´t deny that hundreds of thousands of people died,
he argues that there needs to be further investigation to see if the
killings were consciously carried out by the Turkish government at that
time. Deliberate and conscious persecution would constitute genocide.

Newspaper interview His explanation was not in line with the
recognition of genocide called for by his party, and events that
followed the initial uproar made things even harder for the CDA to
accept. Under pressure following the discussion in the Dutch media,
the two CDA candidates signed a declaration saying they had changed
their minds and would now recognise the genocide. But then followed
an interview with a Turkish newspaper in which they repeated their
original denials - and this left the CDA with little choice but to
remove them from the list of candidates.

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10.       si++
3785 posts
 10 Apr 2011 Sun 12:15 pm

Today in America, the "so called" genocide of the Armenians is included in the books that teach the Holocaust to schoolchildren. Through political influence and writers´ ignorance, it has been included as another example of inhumanity, a false example.

Through the ageney of Holocaust Studies, American children are learning what is usually the only thing they ever learn about Turks, and that is the so-called Armenian Genoeide. Most American school children see nothing else about Turks in their schoolbooks. They only see Turks in their study of what Turks supposedly did to .Armenians; and I might say, it is a completely one-sided description at that.


The feeling about Turks is so ingrained that it is impossible to have rational dialogue on the subject. But the question remains-where does all this come from? Why do the otherwise caring and liberal academics who write on the Holocaust feel it proper to vilify one people, the Turks, without considering any other side of a contested issue?

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