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Cyprus dispute ....?
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20.       vineyards
1954 posts
 22 Dec 2010 Wed 10:44 am

I guess you are replying without reading one another´s post. Ogrenci doesn´t suggest division as an alternative. He/She emphasized the importance of being able to live together.

There are minorities in any country. The best bet would be respecting the cultural uniqueness and cultural differences of those minorities. We denied the existence of Kurds for years when it was so obvious. Our bright thinkers came up with the idea of labeling them as mountain Turks though it was so obvious that they were not Turks. Books were written to justify the thesis that Kurds were mountain Turks. For many years, nationalist professors taught students these theses. This  bigotry is more specific to the Balkan nations than it is for the Middle East. The patriarchal, chauvinistic past of the Balkans produce these funny theories by distorting historical facts. It is like a disease and it is a costly one.

Edited (12/22/2010) by vineyards
Edited (12/22/2010) by vineyards

21.       stumpy
638 posts
 22 Dec 2010 Wed 02:09 pm


...neither the Brits (who had a military base soon to be kicked out of the island)

Wasn´t it the Canadian military that were mandated to be the peacekeeping preseance?  I know that the Canadian military were on Cyprus from 1945 to the mid to late 90´s but at the time they were confused as British military.  And Canada´s presence on Cyprus did not elicite any objection from the Turkish or Greek Cypriots, Canada was considered a neutral presence.

Cyprus was Canada´s longest peacekeeping mission.

22.       si++
3785 posts
 23 Jul 2011 Sat 01:49 pm

‘Cyprus is heading toward separation,’ says academic


Turkey’s government still wants a solution for the divided island of Cyprus but sees there won’t be one, says an academic who has long worked for reunification. According to Mensur Akgün, Turkey’s PM wants to give the message that getting 50 percent of the votes will not make him more flexible


Cyprus is heading toward separation as chances dim for a solution based on reunification, according to academic Mensur Akgün, who has been working for nearly a decade with a nongovernmental organization that is trying to bridge the gap on the divided island. But separation will be a costly solution, he told the Hürriyet Daily News in a recent interview.


Source: here

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