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Turkish Translation

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Translation Attempts
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40.       TheresaJana
163 posts
 10 Dec 2008 Wed 09:30 pm

Thank you kindly Lady in Red for you explanation, translation and time

çoð.  = coðu = usually/mostly  (çoðu) 

and thank you for the meaning of:  " çoð. "  as the dictionary firmly directs me to ´cog´ of which has a different meaning altogether. 

çoð.  = coðu = usually/mostly  (çoðu)

it is interesting what the subtle c and g ...to ç and ð  differences can make.

41.       wiseguy
1 posts
 15 Jun 2009 Mon 07:09 pm

I hope I can ask a little help here as I didn´t know where else to turn for it. I have three passages of text and I have to translate them to English. If someone would find a few minutes to help me I´d be hugely thankful. The text I have to translate:




Daha fazla gecikmeye|tahammül edemem...
Bir grup balżk vardżr.|Hepsi geciktirir.


-Lütfen kuyrušuma basmaktan ēekinmeyin.

-Kesinlikle sincap.

-Evet sincap.

-Size karžż ēok mütežekkiriz
ki Foosah´larż kovaladżnżz.


Sen dikkati fena halde|bozulmuž bir adamsżn.
yle mi? Öyle olmak istemiyorum.
Biliyorum kahraman olarak|ve ižin ēok sinir bozucu.
Ama ne olursa olsun bunun dżžżnda|kalman benim iēin ēok önemli.
Tatlżm ižle ilgili olarak...|-Ne?

Edited (6/15/2009) by wiseguy

42.       Suyu
78 posts
 25 Jun 2009 Thu 10:19 am

Can anyone translate me the sentence "I was learning turkish all day"?

Edited (6/25/2009) by Suyu

43.       deli
5904 posts
 25 Jun 2009 Thu 10:22 am

bütün gün türkçeyi ögreniyordum



my try

44.       Suyu
78 posts
 25 Jun 2009 Thu 10:32 am

Thank you, but I think -yi isnt needed here, I wasnt sure about the verb, now it is clear, thank you

Edited (6/25/2009) by Suyu

45.       amro
5 posts
 07 Jul 2009 Tue 05:25 pm

                ( yi ) olmadan                           turkçe ögreniyordum

46.       lady in red
6947 posts
 25 Jul 2009 Sat 10:30 am

This thread is not really for translation requests.  The point of my original post, in a nutshell, was to ask both native English and native Turkish speakers to take care with their grammar and spelling when posting and try to make sure to use the correct Turkish letters when writing in Turkish.  It was made a ´sticky´ in the hope that translators and would-be translators would read it!


If you need a translation you should start a separate thread in the Translation Forum   

47.       stella_star88
109 posts
 27 Aug 2009 Thu 06:31 pm

I think this is wonderful helping each other out. I make mistakes in my own English i dont mind if i get corrected. I only wish i could learn faster in turkish language it seems like a turtle moving slow...Its hard for me to learn it but i got some words and some colores and some little basics that i have practice, but i want to know more...I need to practice everday and say it outloud in the house.

Lots of love to all




48.       bolleli
2 posts
 07 Sep 2009 Mon 06:01 am

sen kýmsýn ya bak ben arasýra msn ye takýlýrým sený merak ediyorum kýsa bir süre içerisinde netten görüþe býlýrmýyýz

translate for me 

49.       Bea Blanchi
213 posts
 07 Sep 2009 Mon 10:24 am

Thanks, I totally agree that this would be of great help for us, the learners!


And getting explanations can only help in understanding better.



50.       gulbil
88 posts
 22 Sep 2009 Tue 01:52 pm

why not just help them ?????

with their english or turkish..

as you may know there may be different several ways of saying the same sentence  depending on the person´s education level but in the end it will give you and idea but will not change the whole meaning at all.

so it is nice to exchange views and different translation methods both in turkish and english...

let´s just give all what we can without hurting anyone´s feelings as some people may easil get hurt ..

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