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Turkish phrases,common sayings and slang words
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240.       tunci
7149 posts
 30 Nov 2014 Sun 02:31 pm


Estağfurullah --> This is Arabic word we use, It means actually " I ask God´s pardon"

We use it  if someone praises you in terms which you regard, or affect to regard, as excessive. In other words, you use it when someone praises you or excessively praises you. 

The nearest English would be " You are too kind " or " You flatter me ".

*You may also use it if anyone belittles himself in your hearing by saying something on the lines of " How stupid of me ! " or " What an idiot I am ! "

So, you say to that person "Estağfurullah" which you mean " Don´t belittle yourself, you are not like that "



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241.       tunci
7149 posts
 30 Nov 2014 Sun 02:45 pm


ila --> This Arabic preposition may used as "to, towards" between numbers.


İki ila üç bin kitaplık bir kütüphanesi var. 

He has a library of 2 to 3 tousand books.



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242.       turk96
1 posts
 30 Nov 2014 Sun 02:45 pm

gıcık ettin beni = you made me irritate  {#emotions_dlg.head_bang} there are many people who irritate meee

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243.       tunci
7149 posts
 24 Dec 2014 Wed 10:23 pm


 Aslına bakarsan ---> This expression basically means "in fact " or ---> "to tell the truth"/"as a matter of fact"



Aslına bakarsan, burada hiçbir şey değişmedi.

In fact, nothing changed here.


Aslına bakarsan, Hamit iyi bir çocuktur.

In fact, Hamit is a good boy.


Aslına bakarsan, bu işten çıkmayı düşünüyorum.

To tell the truth, I am thinking to leave this job.

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244.       tunci
7149 posts
 16 Mar 2015 Mon 07:52 pm



This points to or refers back to something you can see, hear, feel,taste or smell.

İşte ! Geliyor ! ---> There ! He´s coming. [implying "I said he would come, didn´t I ? ] 

Kitaplar işte orada ! ---> The books are over there, see ! [pointing to them]

Beğenmemişler işte ! ---> There you see ! They didn´t like it. [Didn´t I tell you they wouldn´t ]

Note: Sometimes by extension this form becomes merely emphatic. 

Gitmiyorum işte ! ---> Well, I´m not going ! So there !

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245.       tunci
7149 posts
 28 Mar 2015 Sat 02:54 pm


Kendini ateşe atmak : Literally -->  To throw oneself into the fire.

It actually means " To put oneself into a dangerous/risky/difficult position and doing this  conciously/knowingly.

We use this idiom when someone takes dangerous/difficult acts despite being aware of  its consequences [end up with troubles,destruction,etc...]


Yapma bunu. Kendini ateşe atıyorsun. ---> Don´t do this. You are putting yourself into the fire.


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246.       tunci
7149 posts
 28 Mar 2015 Sat 06:10 pm


günlük ---> daily


haftalık ---> weekly


aylık --> monthly


yıllık ---> yearly




günlük gazete - daily paper 


haftalık kontrol - weekly check


haftalık ücret - weekly wage 


aylık may also mean "salary" as in Turkey people get paid montly. 


yıllık abonelik - yearly subscription [annual subscribtion]


* günlük  may also mean  "diary"  since you are recording your daily experiences/memories.




Edited (3/28/2015) by tunci

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247.       rezayim
35 posts
 08 May 2015 Fri 12:15 pm

this is a fantastic thread... please devam et

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248.       tunci
7149 posts
 08 May 2015 Fri 09:38 pm


Quoting rezayim

this is a fantastic thread... please devam et


I became a capitalist person ,I am not writing free anymore. Smile I am giving private [one-to -one] lessons on Skype.  {#emotions_dlg.computer}

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249.       denizli
961 posts
 09 May 2015 Sat 02:20 pm


Quoting rezayim

this is a fantastic thread... please devam et


Please continue after writing 20 pages of posts? Instead we should say: excellent job Tunci!

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250.       mira 25
152 posts
 02 Apr 2016 Sat 12:02 pm


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