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Turkish Dictionary software
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1.       admin
754 posts
 10 Sep 2006 Sun 11:14 pm

I have been working on a Turkish Dictionary software that can be downloaded on your computer for a while, and the first version is completed now. You can download it at Turkish Dictionary download page to give it a try.

The dictionary database is not installed locally with the software, so you still need internet connection to get meanings. All feedback is welcome.

Known Bugs And Issues
- Excessive memory usage (Problem related to use of .Net)
- Sometimes fails to capture text on first try after starting the software
- Auto-complete will be added while typing words in meaning window

v0.2 (Latest Release)
- Settings for selecting hotkey combination to be used
- Settings to make meaning windows "Always on Top"
- Settings to start software on Windows startup
- Animated image notification until the meaning is retrieved from online database
- Making the setup files a single executable
- Adding an "About" form

- The problem with capturing text from program's own windows fixed

- Basic functionality implemented, text capture on Alt+Left Click hotkey action.

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2.       bod
5999 posts
 10 Sep 2006 Sun 11:41 pm

I've downloaded and installed it......at first glance it seems helpful but I am not sure it is significantly easier to use than a simple copy and paste into the online version. I'll try it out further over the next few days and give you some feedback.

As an aside, it should work on Windows 2000 assuming the setup install directories use environment varibles and are not hard coded. However, it is unlikely to work on Windows 98 due to the need for .NET v2. It definately won't work on Windows 95 as that doesn't support MSI packages.

3.       catwoman
8933 posts
 10 Sep 2006 Sun 11:48 pm

I also downloaded it and it's really very good, because you can "Alt + left click" on any word, in any program and the meaning just pops up in a small window. It's really awesome.

The "double click" thing that checks the meaning only works on this web site and on the dictionary web site and it opens your browser window instead of a smaller pop-up, so this software really makes things much more sophisticated.

4.       admin
754 posts
 10 Sep 2006 Sun 11:57 pm

Thank you for the feedback. This is the first version, and I want to keep improving it based on what additions the majority would find useful.

I personally like to use a software like this, it makes things faster while reading a word document or some text in a browser window. That is why I decided to implement it, after a suggestion by Erdinc. It reduces the distraction caused by having to switch to a different browser page and write or copy-paste the word you want to look up. Of course, it is personal taste and you can still find it easier or more convenient to use the browser version. Both are free, so better to have more options.

5.       bod
5999 posts
 11 Sep 2006 Mon 12:07 am

I've found a bug!

One doesn't seem to be able to capture a word from within the dictionary window.

6.       admin
754 posts
 11 Sep 2006 Mon 12:08 am

Yes, I also noticed that one. I don't know why yet, but it is in the list of things to fix for the next version.

7.       admin
754 posts
 11 Sep 2006 Mon 12:12 am

Stats show that 3 different people used it yet. It is not a good sign for the popularity potential, especially considering that I am one of the three

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8.       bod
5999 posts
 11 Sep 2006 Mon 12:16 am

Quoting admin:

My stats show that 3 different people used it yet. It is not a good sign for the popularity potential, especially considering that I am one of the three

Well - you know the other two are catwoman and myself.....
But give it time - I am sure you will find other people using it

9.       CANLI
5084 posts
 11 Sep 2006 Mon 12:24 am

İ hope i be on my way too

What is NET Framework that i need to download it ?

10.       CANLI
5084 posts
 11 Sep 2006 Mon 01:13 am

İ am having problem downloading the NET Framework,it told me the file changed its nature,asked me either to retry or cancel,but when i retry it telling me same again

What does this mean ?? :-S

(143 Messages in 15 pages - View all)
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