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Turkish Dictionary software
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70.       admin
758 posts
 15 Sep 2006 Fri 06:46 am

Quoting libralady:

I click on the icon and only the dictionary opens as it is on left here
When I "alt left click" nothing happens, no message not a thing

Nothing should be happening when you click on the icon on the bottom right (there is a tiny menu that apears when you right click). But once the icon is there (after you start the program using the icon on desktop), you can Alt+Left Click on any text and it should work fine. No guarantees though

71.       admin
758 posts
 15 Sep 2006 Fri 06:50 am

Quoting CANLI:

what do you mean about language settings ?
İ am downloading the Turkish langıage along with the English from the XP cd,and i am still having this problem

So what should i do then to prevent it ?
You said it works good at your Pc,and you use Turkish character as well, so ?
What did you do ?

I think it might be the settings at:
Control Panel | Regional and Language Options | Advanced

Here, you will see a list: "Language for non-unicode programs"

I think it should work fine after selecting Turkish from this list and restarting your computer. But it will work fine in the next version without having to do these.


And something else,if i opened it along with another applications,it slow my Pc

İs it just my Pc,or that is normal ?

The program uses more memory than I would expect, I will be looking for ways to reduce this.

72.       admin
758 posts
 15 Sep 2006 Fri 06:53 am

Quoting Joey:

I had the same problem as Canlı in the previous message. When I tried to use the dictionary last night my computer slowed down completely or maybe it was some other problem.

I think it is because the software is using quite a lot of memory (15-30MB). This should be the reason, I will try to find out what I can do about it.

73.       admin
758 posts
 15 Sep 2006 Fri 06:57 am

Quoting Joey:

As I have said before I came to computers late in life and my knowledge is very limited but I think the problem is with the internet security system. I got this high risk message on the screen and followed the recommended instructions but the computer almost froze up completely and I closed it down.I started it up this morning with no problems.I still have the dictionary icon in the desktop but I am not going to touch it

The internet security system warns you whenever an application tries to access internet other than some basic applications. If it is a malicious software that you are not aware of, you should block it. If it is a software that is supposed to connect to the net to function and it is from a source you trust, you need to allow it or it won't work.

74.       libralady
5152 posts
 15 Sep 2006 Fri 10:40 am

Quoting catwoman:

I think Admin will answer this question better, but what strikes me is that after downloading, you MUST have a "TurkishDictionaryv0.1.zip" file that you must explicitly extract. Then you get a new folder called "Turkish Dictionary v0.1", then you need to open this folder and there will be two different files - you need to click on the "setup.exe" file. That will initiate the installation. When the installation is complete, you'll get a purple-blue "Turkish Dictionary" icon. You click on it (and I think nothing explicit happens, but the program is running).

thanks for that, but I already have a new folder called Turkish dictionary V0.1 and I have the purple icon on my desktop. I have no zip file and the exe file is also there. When I click it the dictionary opens just the same as it does on this site.

75.       qdemir
811 posts
 15 Sep 2006 Fri 02:44 pm

I have just come across with an online dic on www.zargan.com

I have checked it out myself. It's very useful.

76.       admin
758 posts
 18 Sep 2006 Mon 08:55 am

I posted a new version of the software (v0.2) at Turkish Dictionary download page.

Here is what is added:
- Settings for selecting hotkey combination to be used
- Settings to make meaning windows "Always on Top"
- Settings to start software on Windows startup
- Animated image notification until the meaning is retrieved from online database
- Making the setup files a single executable
- Adding an "About" form

77.       admin
758 posts
 18 Sep 2006 Mon 08:30 pm

Looks like there is a problem with the "loading" image. I will fix that and post a new version.

78.       admin
758 posts
 19 Sep 2006 Tue 04:01 am

It must be ok now, it would be great if someone can install and confirm.

79.       sophie
2712 posts
 19 Sep 2006 Tue 10:08 am

I tried to install the new version ( 2.0 ) but I got the following message:

unable to install because a newer version of this product is already installed

80.       CANLI
5084 posts
 19 Sep 2006 Tue 11:33 am

İ just installed it,i had no problem in the installation

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