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A modern Ottoman
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40.       MrX67
2540 posts
 25 Jun 2008 Wed 05:15 pm


Quoting catwoman:

Quoting MrX67:

nice smile,really suits you

why do I feel like you are again being patronising?

haaaaa?what am i doinn??i just tried to say long live ''friendship of bikini and burka ''by to say smiling suits you

41.       peacetrain
1905 posts
 25 Jun 2008 Wed 05:44 pm

Gulen is so dangerous, even the mention of his name causes strife . What did I tell you Rosewitha?

42.       Roswitha
4132 posts
 26 Jun 2008 Thu 03:25 am

Fethullah Gülen, Islamist, Acquitted

Fethullah Gülen, a famous Islamist leader and source of inspiration for Turkey’s Islamists (parties and individuals), has been acquitted in a final ruling of the General Council of the Supreme Court of Appeals of Turkey yesterday.

He was ’sued over allegations that he established an illegal organization to change the secular structure of Turkey and found a state based on religious rules instead. Gülen was sued under the anti-terrorism law. Ankara’s 11th Court for Serious Crimes decided in favor of Gülen’s acquittal and the ninth branch of the Supreme Court of Appeals confirmed the decision.’

This means that he can travel to Turkey whenever he wants to. He’s free to go where he wants to go, he’s free to meet with people he wants to meet.

What can be said about Gülen (ignore this article at Wikipedia; it’s clearly written by supporters of the man)? Well, most Turks will know about him. Most Turks know who he is, and what he stands for. Most secular Turks both despise and fear him.

He has influenced a lot of people, including politicians. His agenda is clear; he wants to bring Islam back into politics. He wants to Islamize the government. (...)
PoliGazette June 25 2008
By Michael van der Galien

43.       white-wolf
55 posts
 26 Jun 2008 Thu 11:18 am

Quoting Deli_kizin:

Because some things ARE black and some things ARE white. It would be foolish to call a white wolf a grey wolf


44.       MrX67
2540 posts
 26 Jun 2008 Thu 11:37 am

Quoting Deli_kizin:

Quoting MrX67:

why we don't dreaming a place which wolfs and lambs living side by side in peace?or why we close our eyes to grey while always saying black or white?

Because some things ARE black and some things ARE white. It would be foolish to call a white wolf a grey wolf

And surely, not all things are just black-white, but your world is a little too grey for me. Not everything has to be respected just because that is democracy.

But in life,especially on social topics everything not white or black depend on many factors..so advice you to don't trust ur colour knowladge more then enough..

45.       Roswitha
4132 posts
 27 Jun 2008 Fri 07:46 pm

My, oh, my! I have read all the back and forth about Mr. F. Guelen. He seems to excite passions one way or the other. From a religious view point, one can either accept his teachings or not. That's simple. There are plenty of Christians and other religious types traipsing around the world trying to sell their brand of religious life.

From a political viewpoint it is a cheap shot to characterize him as "dangerous" without supporting that accusation with very specific facts and evidence. I see him as a moderate - one who tries to reconcile Islamic Culture with modernity. For those who insist that his approach is some kind of a "trick", I like to see your proof of that.

There always have been and always will be deep differences between all sorts of people concerning serious subjects like religion, culture, and politics. The key to a stable society is that these differences be expressed in an orderly way, e.g. in democratic processes. The alternative is violence and anarchy - which noone claims Guelen promotes.

46.       mltm
3690 posts
 27 Jun 2008 Fri 08:24 pm

click to go

One of his emotional exploitation seances.

The brainwashed people there just make me scared, they look like ready to do whatever.

(He gets serious and normal the moment he stops crying, what a show )

47.       Deli_kizin
6376 posts
 27 Jun 2008 Fri 08:58 pm

Thanks Mltm for posting this. I had never hear him speak, only read. I hate this kind of behavior!!!! It is scary! And I really don't get how people can fall for his empty words.

48.       Roswitha
4132 posts
 20 Jul 2008 Sun 08:00 pm

Gülen´s sudden emergence on the political scene has triggered much controversy among secular intellectuals, a considerable number of whom suspect him of using different tactics to reach the same goal as the Islamists. They worry that behind his benign facade, Gülen hides ambitions to turn the country into an Iranian-style Islamic state. The insecurity and intolerance of some secularists causes them to accuse Gülen´s community of being the enemy of the Turkish republic. They also worry that secularist parties will privilege Gülen in exchange for his promises not to endorse Refah. Rusen Cakır, author of a book on the rise of Islam in Turkey, finds that "The [secular] parties are promoting him as an alternative to Welfare. They´re using their enemy´s weapon against their enemy." Another expert on Islamists, Iskender Savaşır, made similar remarks saying, "I cannot say that Fethullah Hoca is not collaborating with the state." A "radical socialist" weekly whose sometimes sensationalist and unreliable allegations were used by the Turkish military, claims that the Gülen group "acquired financial support from the state, particularly from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs" and points to former prime minister Tansu Çiller having transferred "large sums from her ministry´s secret budget" to his schools, seeing this as "one of the reasons for the close relations he has with her."

At the same time, Gülen has the support from well-known liberal intellectuals (such as the journalists Mehmet Altan, Mehmet Barlas, Mehmet Ali Birand, and Cengiz Çandar) who argue that the solution to Turkey´s problems depends on reaching a consensus and like the "soft" face of Islam he presents. Birand, for example, recently argued that Gülen has original ideas and that all segments of Turkish society—implying the military—should pay attention to this vision.31 Gülen´s critical stance toward Refah won him support from nationalist-conservative intellectuals (like Altemur Kılıç and Nazli Ilıcak). As a symbol of this support, Gülen´s Turkish Journalists and Writers Foundation hosted an iftar meal in February 1996, at which about a thousand distinguished politicians, businessmen, artists, and intellectuals turned up.

49.       Faruk
1607 posts
 21 Jul 2008 Mon 12:04 am

I don´t understand why people insult and blame a person without any proof but with some imaginary happenings which, I think, never going to happen.

50.       zizoo
49 posts
 21 Jul 2008 Mon 04:46 am

I notice that some people here reveal apparent hostility against Islam and Islamic thoughts showing it like a ghost threatening people´s lives. But this is not true, Islam is not dangerous, it is not harmful. Why are you afraid of Islamic thoughts being spread in Turkey or wherever? Islam doesn´t force anybody to believe or to do what they don´t want to do. I´ve read the article sent by Roswitha www.meforum.org/article/404 that talks about Gülen and his life and I found that he is not racial, or bigot, or dangerous. Instead, he is moderate and every Muslim has the right to support him or not.

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