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A modern Ottoman
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80.       TheAenigma
5001 posts
 13 Mar 2009 Fri 04:21 pm


Quoting SuiGeneris



 Thats why you always nagging huh? You dont have any hate in your heart... you have a great hate and its obvious to be seen!


 Eh?  What is this?  Some kind of PT style psychoanalysis?


Quoting SuiGeneris

And politicals shows more about general thoughts! Because the society is electing them, am i wrong? i dont think so.


Ahh ok, so I should accept that Turkey supporting Israel and US is the general thought of Turkey?  You agree all with Erdogan and everything he does?


Quoting SuiGeneris


In these type of conversations and discussions you will never accept the idea from other perspective... because you are closed to them and you will fight till you make the others accept your point...


lol - I think you and Tami are better taking this advice yourselves! lol

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81.       TheAenigma
5001 posts
 13 Mar 2009 Fri 04:23 pm


Quoting theblonde

Quote: SuiGeneris

because you are closed to them and you will fight till you make the others accept your point...

I don´t think she is fighting, do you really think that? She is merely expressing her opinion and so are you. I don´t see anywhere in her words she is trying to make you or anyone believe what you believe....


 Thank you theBlonde - you are right.  Unfortunately Sui prefers to see "hate in my heart" lol

82.       etimologist
156 posts
 13 Mar 2009 Fri 05:57 pm

 As I said it before You are (tamikidakika) one of the most stupid person I have ever seen in my whole life 

Quoting tamikidakika

Quoting Roswitha:

Is it possible to be a true religious believer and at the same time enjoy good relations with people of other faiths or none? Moreover, can you remain open to new ideas and new ways of thinking? The Turkish cleric Fethullah Gülen, winner of our intellectuals poll, is the modern face of the Sufi Ottoman tradition. At home with globalisation and PR, and fascinated by science, he also influences Turkish politics through links to the ruling AK party.(Ehsan Masood) Fethullah Gülen, a 67-year-old Turkish Sufi cleric, author and theoretician, has dedicated much of his life to resolving these questions. From his sick bed in exile just outside Philadelphia, he leads a global movement inspired by Sufi ideas. He promotes an open brand of Islamic thought and, like the Iran-born Islamic philosophers Seyyed Hossein Nasr and Abdolkarim Soroush, he is preoccupied with modern science (he publishes an English-language science magazine called the Fountain). But Gülen, unlike these western-trained Iranians, has spent most of his life within the religious and political institutions of Turkey, a Muslim country, albeit a secular one since the foundation of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s republic after the first world war. Unusually for a pious intellectual, he and his movement are at home with technology, markets and multinational business, and especially with modern communications and public relations—which, like a modern televangelist, he uses to attract converts. Like a western celebrity, he carefully manages his public exposure—mostly by restricting interviews to those he can trust. Many of his converts come from Turkey’s aspirational middle class. As religious freedom comes, falteringly, to Turkey, Gülen reassures his followers that they can combine the statist-nationalist beliefs of Atatürk’s republic with a traditional but flexible Islamic faith. He also reconnects the provincial middle class with the Ottoman traditions that had been caricatured as theocratic by Atatürk and his “Kemalist” heirs. Oliver Leaman, a leading scholar of Islamic philosophy, says that Gülen’s ideas are a product of Turkish history, especially the end of the Ottoman empire and the birth of the republic. He calls Gülen’s approach “Islam-lite.” http://www.prospect-magazine.co.uk/article_details.php?search_term=G%C3%BClen&id=10263

Fetullah Gulen is just another terrorist being fed by America.(remember Humeyni) The article is full of crap and lies, but it`s funny there are so many naive people who believe in this kind of propaganda.



83.       etimologist
156 posts
 13 Mar 2009 Fri 06:03 pm

There are some stupid persons like tamikidakika in turkey. They always accuse religious people of terrorism. They are small-minded. I want to ask them that what kind of terrosist action you have witnessed in these people´s action. To accuse is very easy.


They do not have any religious idea of notion of God or Faith.

They do not like Muslim Christian or Jewish people. They want every one must think as they think.



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