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Ferhat and Sirin:
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1.       janissary
0 posts
 05 Mar 2006 Sun 12:16 am

There was a ‘sultan’, queen of her land. She didn’t have a child but she had a close relative named Sirin and she would do anything for Sirin.Sultan decided to make for her a big house. For this house a worker and his son, Ferhat were working for the ornamentation of the walls. One day Sirin and the sultan went to see this work, Sirin saw Ferhat. The moment that they saw each other they fell in love. Then one day Sirin went some place and drank water that tasted marvelous. She wanted to have it in her house but for this someone had to make a hole in the mountain to bring the water. Sultan said: "Whoever can do this, will get from me whatever he wants." Ferhat knew what he wanted and talked with sultan. After so many days he was making a hole in the mountain with the big love of Sirin. Somehow sultan learns the love of Ferhat and Sirin and decides to stop this. She made a plan; she sent him ‘helva’ that was made for Sirin because she died. Ferhat believed this and throw his hand to the mountain. Rocks fell on him and he died, with hearing this Sirin died instantly.

2.       ramayan
2633 posts
 05 Mar 2006 Sun 09:09 pm

wer the old loves?? i said dis like my granparents..they are always complaining about dis...

3.       Kelebek
781 posts
 05 Mar 2006 Sun 09:53 pm

4.       ramayan
2633 posts
 05 Mar 2006 Sun 10:02 pm

Quoting Kelebek:

ohhh wowwwwww..u turkish people also know farhad and shirin????????? they are iranians.. i've been to the place where farhad curved all the love letters to shirin on the mountain... i've been to where farhad lived...interesting

yes even my granpa know dis

5.       Kelebek
781 posts
 05 Mar 2006 Sun 10:05 pm

6.       ramayan
2633 posts
 05 Mar 2006 Sun 10:14 pm

of course we know..and we have many persian words in our language...

7.       Kelebek
781 posts
 05 Mar 2006 Sun 10:20 pm

8.       Kadir37
0 posts
 05 Mar 2006 Sun 11:36 pm

9.       ramayan
2633 posts
 07 Mar 2006 Tue 08:38 am

biz sevdikmi adam gibi severiz etc.

10.       Kelebek
781 posts
 07 Mar 2006 Tue 02:01 pm

please translate what you said in turkish (ramayan and kadir)

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