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Ferhat and Sirin:
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40.       Deli_kizin
6376 posts
 08 Mar 2006 Wed 11:53 pm

Quoting Elisa:

I think you meant "gay" as in cheerful and happy?

I think she did, because I do not know any other translations to gay. But when we are talking about MEN and GAYISH, then homosexual is the first i think of, and not cheerful

But i got the point now, so i'll take my comment about the word gayish back

41.       Deli_kizin
6376 posts
 08 Mar 2006 Wed 11:55 pm

Quoting Barkin:

1. i'm not your "canim"

I thought Canım was only used to get things calmed down

Anyhow, goodnight to all of you too, i'm going to bedfordshire. It's raining and pouring, perfect weather for a cup of tea and a good book

42.       ramayan
2633 posts
 09 Mar 2006 Thu 12:13 am

Quoting Barkin:

she made her comments and i did mine..so what's wrong with it? be a mad-blooded for a second
manly man - womanly woman..it takes you nowhere!
the correct form shall be "to be human - or humanly human..whatever it is correctly"
so you see, you're thanking to a man and he is turkish.
think twice before criticising. it's a paradox, and nobody needs your repeatations.

dude no need to be rude...pls just calm down...dont exaggerate dis..its a simple thing..anyway...calm downnnnnnnnnn

43.       sophie
2712 posts
 09 Mar 2006 Thu 12:37 am

well...i just signed in after many hours and saw the whole argument.


now most men have gayish personality

on this sentence i commented my dear Kelebek. I had no intention to offend you or anybody else. Maybe my english is very poor or i m stupid, i really don't know, but the word gayish for me means 'like a homosexual'.

Neyse, i don't want to keep this argument going. Forgive me for not speaking as perfect english as you do (!)

44.       janissary
0 posts
 09 Mar 2006 Thu 09:48 am


Boyalarla isledigim duvarlarda
Hiçbir güzellik ulasamaz sana
Ben ne kadar benzetmek istesem
Hiçbir rüzgâr benzeyemez saçlarina
Güzelligini asacak qüzellik yoktur
Onu ben istesem de yaratamam
Senin güzelligini gördükten sonra
Artik ben boyalara dokunamam
Ben ki hep bir asmaya inanmistim
Ama senin varligini asamam
Gözlerinde parlayan yücelige
Yaklasmak istesem de yaklasamam
Eksiksizi ben sende gördüm ancak
Bundan sonra eksiksizi yaratmayi umamam
Ilk yenilgim en yüce yenilgimdir
Artik Ferhat'in isi tamam
Neden bunca güzelligin vardi da
Yeni güzellikler özledin bos yere
Neden böyle bir vurusta yok ettin
Yoksa düsmanligin mi vardi bana
Sirin karsi durdu Ferhat'in sözlerine. Dedi ki:
Sen ki hep bir sonsuzun umudusun
Nasil durur kalirsin yeniden dogmalara
Sen ki hep bir bitmezin sarkisisin
Nasil boyun egersin çaresiz kalmalara
Biz hepimiz bir tutkuya yaratildik
Dogduk koyu ve yogun yalnizliktan
Biz ki durak bilmeyen yolculariz
Nasil eksildik deriz zor yollardan
Artik yüklendik ya yaratmayi
Bütün güzellikler bizden sorulacak
Iyiyi ve dogruyu yüklendik ya
Düsüncemiz her zaman sonsuzu arayacak
Bütün yarattigini sil istersen
Istersen yeniden koyul yaratmalara
Kendini azalmayacak bir tutku say istersen
Yürü bizi bekleyen zamanlara
GüzelIigimi asmani isterim
Yalniz kalmak istemem ben dogada
Kendimi yarattiklarinla anlayayim
Daha yüce güzellikler ver bana


45.       MissHelen
148 posts
 09 Mar 2006 Thu 09:52 am

That's more like it!

Thank you J. (a true diplomat!)


46.       salukvadze
82 posts
 09 Mar 2006 Thu 10:37 am

47.       Kelebek
781 posts
 09 Mar 2006 Thu 11:27 am

"they think its gay to please their love...because other men will make fun of them.. saying..hahaha you're scared of your wife..or u;re gf...sheesh..what a world... "

If you go back to 1st page..this is exactly what i said... no i didnt mean gay as in happy... but the meaning of my sentence above is that because these men are soo much manly they dont please their wives because they would think it might be gayish to do so!!! and SINCE THEY ARE MANLY MEN..they dont do it..

Sophie thank you... an dno problem..

But Bark... .. you are not my canim..and even in your dreams i wont call you canim as the real meaning...canim is just a saying.. thanx to Deli_kizin..people call eachother canim to be nice... girls call girls... teachers tell their good students... so ya... i would not allow you talk to me... this will be the last message you will post for me...!! you really have time for this argument?sheeesh this is terrible how in a great site like this...a mature man like you(from the picture i saw you must be over 21) finds a 19 year old(myself) girl to argue with. please find someone in your age! I really give up... trust me dude... just leave me alone.

Forgive me if i offend your manly pride.. didnt mean too!

48.       Barkin
0 posts
 09 Mar 2006 Thu 11:48 am

can't you just stop your "snake tongue" for a single second? i thought discussion was over, but you always set the ashes on fire.
do not provocate me ok? just stop it!
if you won't do that for me, then do it as a politeness to the kind people who changed the subject with kind efforts.
as "final" words :
stay away from me, be close to God

49.       Kelebek
781 posts
 09 Mar 2006 Thu 12:27 pm

I am close to god.... as i warned before.. please do not post me a message anymore. .. and... you have no right to call my tongue..snake tongue ...

i did end the conversation..but you jumped at me because of the sweet way i approached you by canim.. inorder to bring back peace.. plus..again in my last reply i asked for forgiveness but you came back calling my sweet tongue..a snake tongue!!!

so..Mr. Barkin.. please respect the peacefull environment.

50.       Barkin
0 posts
 09 Mar 2006 Thu 12:36 pm

keep your directives for yourself.
if you don't reply, you don't get any msgs too.
otherwise it can last for ages.
now stand behind your words, and let's see how patient you are.. i'll be surprised if you don't activate your snake tongue again with another reply to this

(75 Messages in 8 pages - View all)
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