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Ferhat and Sirin:
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50.       Barkin
0 posts
 09 Mar 2006 Thu 12:36 pm

keep your directives for yourself.
if you don't reply, you don't get any msgs too.
otherwise it can last for ages.
now stand behind your words, and let's see how patient you are.. i'll be surprised if you don't activate your snake tongue again with another reply to this

51.       Aenigma
0 posts
 09 Mar 2006 Thu 12:43 pm

Ooo this is better than a soap opera . What will happen in the next episode? Will she reply? Will they end up falling in love?........ D)

52.       mltm
3690 posts
 09 Mar 2006 Thu 01:20 pm

Quoting Kadir37:

Quoting Kadir37:

Biz sevdayı madenlerden tanırız
Sevdayla dağları delen de bizden
Paslanmaz bir yürekle sev de
Demir bir yüzük ver sevdiğine istersen

This is a poem of Sennur Sezer. I think mltm can translate it

Hey, this is a great responsibility! And this is not a daily dialog, it's a poem. I don't understand it even in turkish :lol:, but I'll come with a translation. I hope it's not urgent.

53.       Kelebek
781 posts
 09 Mar 2006 Thu 01:28 pm

Barkin.. this is to you

54.       Kelebek
781 posts
 09 Mar 2006 Thu 01:31 pm

55.       Aenigma
0 posts
 09 Mar 2006 Thu 01:33 pm

oh cmon you two.....GET A ROOM !!!

56.       MissHelen
148 posts
 09 Mar 2006 Thu 01:53 pm

I don't know about the kids being horrible, but it's certain that they will not SHUT UP!


57.       Barkin
0 posts
 09 Mar 2006 Thu 01:58 pm

LoL Aenigma & isam
would you be our marriage witnesses?
(if Kelebek comes unarmed)

58.       Boop
785 posts
 09 Mar 2006 Thu 02:06 pm

May I please be a bridesmaid - I've always wanted to be one

59.       Barkin
0 posts
 09 Mar 2006 Thu 02:09 pm

Would you be a good "example" for us MissHelen?
We may follow you accordingly

60.       MissHelen
148 posts
 09 Mar 2006 Thu 02:12 pm

Well I'm a firm believer in co-habitation before marriage.

Maybe you guys should find yourself a little place together before rushing off to the ring shop!


(11 months of sin so far)

(75 Messages in 8 pages - View all)
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