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Absurd news from Turkie
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50.       si++
3785 posts
 16 Oct 2010 Sat 02:57 pm


Quoting thehandsom



A state official using it makes you think what sort of cultural level, what sort of mind set those people, who are running the state, have..


I think there is example of it in the post #10 in this thread.

51.       AlphaF
5677 posts
 16 Oct 2010 Sat 09:15 pm

About stealing bread from other mates´ rations

Well !..there is a fine line difference between Turkish Army and the Salvation Army, when it comes to such matters.



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52.       stumpy
638 posts
 17 Oct 2010 Sun 12:19 am

Video of Azerbaijani army made fuss in Turkey (video)

Firstly if people think that joining the army is a picnic, especially the training period they are mistaking and secondly the one doing most of the kicking and slapping looks like he has either been drinking or taken something.


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53.       Daydreamer
3743 posts
 17 Oct 2010 Sun 01:16 am

When Poland had compulsory army service, the topic of violence (we call it wave) in the army would come back every in the media every month. There were some cases of death, that´s how far stupidity goes in such places. Older soldiers would bully younger ones just because they had been bullied themselves. Sometimes it would go over the top, and media would pick it up.

Correct me if I´m wrong but all kinds of organisations have their brutal ways, I´ve recently rread an article about Greeks in the US (I mean students organisations not the immigrants). A few cases of death have been reported during the initiation.

I have no idea why we, humans, forget our morality as soon as we get minimum power.

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54.       yilgun-2010
572 posts
 17 Oct 2010 Sun 02:44 am


"I have no idea why we, humans, forget our morality as soon as we get minimum power".

Good observation.This is the question.

55.       si++
3785 posts
 17 Oct 2010 Sun 08:48 am

Armenian madam arrested in Turkey

October 16, 2010 | 08:01

Turkish law enforcement arrested 18 people in the city of Trabzon, among them 15 women, Armenian and Georgian nationals, who were engaged in prostitution, their madam - Gohar Kirakosyan from Armenia and one policeman.

According to Turkish newspaper Milliyet, 10 months ago, Turkish police received information that illegal women were brought from Armenia and Georgia to Turkey and were forced into prostitution. October 14 during a search of three hotels, six cafes and eight houses, 18 people were brought to police station.

It was discovered that the head of the gang, 48 year old Gohar Kirakosyan who became a Turkish citizen by marrying a Turk is wanted in Armenia on trafficking charges.

In addition, it appeared that most of the arrested women were in Turkey illegally. Members of the group acted quite cautiously, used codes. For example, the word prostitution is replaced by the phrase “drinking tea”, but the word prostitute, “bag”, etc.

All 18 detainees were brought to court; foreign women will be deported from Turkey by a court order.


source: here

56.       si++
3785 posts
 19 Oct 2010 Tue 09:48 am

Swaying causes running wariness over Bosphorus Bridge


Some experts in Turkey fear the Bosphorus Bridge may share the fate of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, which collapsed due to wind-induced vibrations in 1940. AA photo

Some experts in Turkey fear the Bosphorus Bridge may share the fate of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, which collapsed due to wind-induced vibrations in 1940. AA photo
Play this video

Vibrations created by the footsteps of the tens of thousands of people who crossed the Bosphorus Bridge on Sunday caused the span to swing dangerously, experts have said, a claim the Istanbul Highways Directorate disputed.

According to experts, the phenomenon behind the swinging of the bridge, called “resonance,” occurs when an external vibration – such as that caused by the wind or heavy pedestrian traffic – matches the natural sway of the span, creating a feedback loop that amplifies the motion, potentially to the point of collapsing the bridge.

The provincial highways directorate said in an official statement Monday, however, that the swinging of the bridge was due to resonance and that the motion observed in the bridge’s electricity pillars was within safe limits.

“In order to create resonance, all the pedestrians would have to have been taking their steps at the same time, as in military order, creating only one frequency level,” the statement said. It added that the bridge’s systems issue a warning if safe swinging limits are exceeded and no such warning was given during Sunday’s Intercontinental Istanbul Eurasia Marathon.

Professor Ahmet Vefik Alp, an engineer, disagreed, saying the situation on the bridge was very dangerous. “A great threat was avoided,” he told daily Milliyet on Sunday. Asked why the same thing did not happen during last year’s marathon, the only time each year that the bridge is open to pedestrians, Alp told the Hürriyet Daily News & Economic Review that the incident was the result of coincidence. “This time, the resonances overlapped,” he said.

This year’s marathon, which included a 15-kilometer race and an 8-kilometer “fun run,” also saw a large increase in the number of people participating, in part due to the sunny weather Sunday. Officials with the Istanbul Governor’s Office and the highways directorate, as well as police officials and bridge engineers, will meet with event organizers Tuesday for a routine evaluation of the marathon. They are also expected to discuss the swinging on the bridge and the massive amount of public participation in the event.

“Of course the [resonance] issue will be on the table. And not only the physical security of the bridge, but also the long time it took to get the crowd off the bridge and the problems caused by this will also be discussed,” Ozan Çakır, the coordinator of the Eurasia Marathon told the Daily News. According to Çakır, more than 200,000 people crossed the bridge as part of the marathon-related events. Due to the higher-than-expected participation, it took 100 minutes longer than the estimated time to reopen the bridge to traffic.

If bridge engineers and police officials conclude that the masses of people on the bridge put the structure and human life at risk, the organizers will reconsider how they structure the public race on the bridge, Çakır said.

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More on Tacoma bridge
VIDEO: Watch the collapse in 1940 of the original Tacoma Narrows Bridge in the United States. (Outside link)

Construction experts said the fact that the resonance effect stopped after a time showed that the bridge had overcome the risk of collapse. A similar effect famously caused the collapse in 1940 of the original Tacoma Narrows Bridge in the United States.

Engineer Alp said pedestrians should no longer be allowed to cross the Bosphorus Bridge and advised officials to examine whether the motion created Sunday had caused any damage to the bridge.

Architect Orhan Erdil also said the resonance of the bridge created a dangerous situation that could have led to the bridge’s collapse, daily Milliyet reported. According to Erdil, the motion was caused by having so many people run over the bridge at the same time. “If a division of soldiers marched over a bridge, the same thing could happen again,” he said.

The number of participants in the Eurasia Marathon was limited in 2000 for bridge security after the massive attendance in a prior event. Some 150,000 people participated in 1999, less than the estimates for this year.


source: here

57.       thehandsom
7403 posts
 19 Oct 2010 Tue 11:21 am


Quoting si++

Swaying causes running wariness over Bosphorus Bridge


Where are the Kurds or the Armenians in this news? 

Ah.. Maybe some Kurds and Armenians blended in as the runners and marched like soldiers to create´ resonance´ on the bridge to scare people..eh? lol

ps..Theoretically, it is possible that ´only one person´ can create resonance on a suspension bridge by stomping with a carefully selected timing..

58.       si++
3785 posts
 19 Oct 2010 Tue 11:30 am


Quoting thehandsom



Where are the Kurds or the Armenians in this news? 



59.       slavica
814 posts
 19 Oct 2010 Tue 12:49 pm


Quoting si++





If I understand well, it is so called "sarcasm" {#emotions_dlg.suspicious}

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60.       si++
3785 posts
 20 Oct 2010 Wed 08:26 am

Turkey’s chief negotiator for EU membership under an egg attack

October 19, 2010 | 23:08

After participating in a conference, held at the University of Ankara, Turkey’s chief negotiator for EU membership Egemen Bağış was the victim of an egg attack, organized by university students.

As the Turkish NTV reports, at a time when Bağış was accompanied out of the building by bodyguards, a group of students - members of the Communist Party - began shouting slogans against the wearing of headscarf and threw eggs at the Minister.

Stunned bodyguards did not have time to open umbrellas, and one of the eggs hit the Minister in his head.





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