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1 huang1 Spam
2 expires Spam
3 BP_3 Users Request
4 pgautier Spam
5 USMAN786 User´s request
6 Native users request
7 maunelee Forum spam
8 elensandra Forum spam
9 turkeytalentinc Forum spam
10 ksinskileis Comment spam
11 * Lamda* users request
12 bmccumberluci spam
13 NordicTrustHome spam
14 ktooakrober spam
15 gülfidan users request
16 stuart01 PM spam
17 gulfidan users request
18 eurovis Calling Kurds "parasites" in forum. Generally posts hateful and derogatory messages.
19 louiscody263 spam
20 mrdocu2015 Spam
21 cutedocu spam
22 mankaas Forum spam
23 mariopandez91 Forum spam
24 alcak_ziver users request
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39 chris995 Forum spam
40 kadiuser Sending spam messages through PMs
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42 qualitypassport Forum spam
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44 documentpro Forum spam
45 yer 6
46 yer6 harassing another member in chatroom and in PMs
47 powells10 Forum spam
48 morganterry Forum spam
49 londontownhotel Forum spam
50 rumeysa User´s request

Deleted users with "spam" as the reason for deletion were deleted either because too many of their messages were marked by the receiving users as spam, or because the number and pattern of private messages they send triggered a red flag in our system.

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aurum: Rica ederim!
E to T my attempt!
Inscrutable : Aurum thank you, btw where are you from?
E to T my attempt!
Inscrutable : Beni ... Except me! I hope this correct? Thanks
E to T my attempt!
aurum: Think of it like this: ... ... ... almalar olacağı ... It ...
sezen aksu Bir acı kahvenin
gokuyum: Here is a start.
Bir -i (Indefinite accusative problem wit...
gokuyum: Quoting aurum Hello. I am wondering if anyone could explai...
Extremely confused!!
aurum: Rica ederim, yardımcı ... çok sevindim!
harp00n: ...
Turkish to English translation 9
gokuyum: I really appreciate your enthuaism about trying to understand eve...
translating these sentences
gokuyum: As translated above : Be jealous of me, dude. Ulan is a slang ...
Translation practice - Short story (E-T)
aurum: Thank you very much!
Turkish to English translation 8
aruwin: Thank you so much, aurum! I really really appreciate this.
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