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User Essays
# Essay Title Author Visitors Date Posted Comments
1 Sad Love Story Lyndie 31200 8/30/2005 55
2 2006 Summer in Turkey Trudy 18735 1/6/2009 3
3 UK Entry Clearance Visa Applications Lyndie 22786 11/20/2005 83
4 Exciting Trip to Turkey Marinka 17767 1/15/2007 15
5 Ka├žkar Da├░lari, North Eastern Anatolia: A Hiking Trip libralady 14104 1/18/2009 5
6 Istanbul My Love erdinc 17794 12/24/2005 17
7 Istanbul love, after living and leaving itsistlov 13842 6/27/2007 6
8 First Trip to Istanbul clhyman 10686 12/16/2009 5
9 Ode to Ixxxx thehandsom 11778 12/13/2008 10
10 My Holiday in Turkey susie k 13884 11/18/2006 6
11 Democracy and Citizenship: Election Experiences in Turkey MarioninTurkey 13071 7/25/2007 3
12 Successful Visa Appeal Lyndie 13539 3/31/2006 5
13 Rejection Trudy 8658 5/1/2010 16
14 Preparing for my Turkish guest Lyndie 12312 4/28/2006 23
15 My love of Turkey hooknlure 10462 9/19/2007 16
16 2006 - What Should Have Been A Love Story But Was Not Trudy 8950 1/6/2009 2
17 Exploring Turkey part 6: From Cavdarhisar to Istanbul Trudy 7814 2/26/2010 3
18 Turkey in the EU irishdon 10095 11/25/2006 11
19 Turkey my sweet sunset Zimmygirl 7405 9/7/2009 11
20 Being Looked After - Turkish Style Lyndie 10008 10/24/2005 15

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On this page, there are writings of Turkish Class members who want to share their essays (new or previously written) about topics related to the content of this site. Here you can share your ideas and experiences with other people interested in similar things, and you can read and learn about the interesting viewpoints of other people. To give an idea, possible topics may be:

- Your ideas about a previous visit to Turkey
- Your view of Turkish people/Turkey/the language
- Experiences as a foreigner living in Turkey
- Experiences as a Turk living in a foreign country
- Anything that can be in some way related to the content of the web site

A writing will be rejected if:
- It contains offensive sentences/ideas/language. (Negative comments and ideas are always okay, but offensive ones are not)
- It is too short. (Size restriction is not strict, but an essay should not be a few sentences long. More than 250-300 words is preferable.)
- It doesn't belong to you (copy-paste work) - If the administrators decide to not publish it on the website for any reason.

The articles uploaded will be reviewed by the site administration first. They will be publicly available on the site only after getting the approval of an administrator.

If your writing is approved, it will be made available for everybody to read on this section of the site. You will of course be given full credit for what you have submitted. Small corrections in spelling or changes in formatting can be made when they are published here. For a writing published on this site, you will see how many times it has been read, and read comments by other users. Thanks for all your contributions.
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E to T my attempt!
Polyglot: Muhsin thank you so much
restaurant e to t lutfen
john250: cok sagol thanks for your help
work translation lutfen
john250: yardimin icin tesekkur ederim
E to T my attempt!
scalpel - -: ... => mutlu olaca─č─▒z Two words.
ne demek?
ahmet_a1b2: Su gibi aziz ol. : (i wish you) be valuable like water. usually people...
wish (verb)
Tuncay: Is it possible the use of the verbs ... and "istemek"? ... isterdi...
E 2 T pls
nessah: hkgkyg
harp00n: Trabzon.
ne demek pls
castinoor: it means i wish you a good recovery , in case that someone is s...
og2009: HUMAN ... INDEX REPORTS ... Milletler ... (United Nations) ... ....
E to T my attempt!
Polyglot: Tunci thank you
E to T: Before I pay you upfront
tunci: ... ... ay─▒n kiras─▒n─▒ önden vermeden önce ... gec...
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