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Turkish Language
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Language related questions and topics are discussed here.
(Moderators: libralady, sonunda, vineyards)
4776 Nov 12
by denizli
Turkish Translation
English-Turkish and Turkish-English translation help. Post your translation questions here.
(Moderators: libralady, sonunda, vineyards)
41653 Nov 12
by gokuyum
Practice Turkish
Practice your Turkish language skills here, with other Turkish language learners
(Moderators: libralady, sonunda, vineyards)
575 10/3/2017
by afgan

Subject Titles Last message
Topics about Turkey and places in Turkey
(Moderators: libralady, sonunda)
3765 Nov 12
by og2009
Living - working in Turkey
How is life in Turkey for a foreigner living there?
(Moderators: libralady, sonunda)
379 10/11/2017
by meczupca
Travelling to Turkey
Topics about travelling to Turkey, getting a visa, finding a place to stay...
(Moderators: libralady, sonunda)
433 2/7/2019
by Juafin

Turkish culture and literature
Subject Titles Last message
Turkish Music, Singers and Lyrics
Discussion about Turkish music and lyrics, and translation of lyrics
(Moderators: libralady, sonunda)
1136 3/8/2018
by Mushin
Turkish Movies
Discussion on Turkish movies
(Moderators: libralady, sonunda)
209 4/10/2018
by Mushin
Turkish Poetry and Literature
Discussions on Turkish poetry and literature
(Moderators: libralady, sonunda)
971 Aug 23
by mrdr
Turkish Art
Discuss topics around Turkish art
(Moderators: libralady, sonunda)
28 5/31/2014
by burakcm86
Turkish Food Recipes
Samples from the Turkish cuisine
(Moderators: libralady, sonunda)
253 10/5/2017
by denizli

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Private Turkish Language Lessons
You can post it here if you are giving or looking for private Turkish lessons.
(Moderators: admin, libralady)
315 3/16/2019
by desireducument
Turkey Vacation Deals
Vacation deals in Turkey, hotels, apartment rentals etc. can be posted here
(Moderators: admin, libralady)
3 3/7/2016
by hitsales
Property in Turkey
Vacation homes or investment properties in Turkey can be posted here
(Moderators: admin, libralady)
3 7/9/2016
by medsea

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News articles, events, announcements
News and announcements of special events and activities
(Moderators: libralady, sonunda, vineyards)
906 7/21/2017
by tesetturoteller
Turkish Politics
Discussions about the political issues and events in Turkey
(Moderators: libralady, sonunda, vineyards)
173 10/2/2016
by vincent07
Turkish Class Website
Topics related to TC such as site issues, improvements, new features etc. will be discussed here
(Moderators: admin, libralady)
69 1/8/2019
by Sohbete
None of the above topics looks suitable for what you want to say? Try this one.
(Moderators: libralady, sonunda, vineyards)
4174 Oct 29
by bydand

Latest Language-Related Messages
Latest Discussion Messages
1. 10 Kas覺m
og2009: I think scientific criticism is useful for people.
tunci: 29 EK襤M ... ... 96. YILI HERKESE KUTLU OLSUN !
3. Cumhuriyet Bayram覺n覺z Kutlu Olsun
bydand: Cumhuriyet ... Kutlu Olsun!
4. TURK-ENG. .THX...
mrdr: Hi, This is more difficult than other sentence. I try to translate. But I´m not sure that it is the best sentence. "O my lover who was harmonize with my eyes, my fate, yield of my ... I intend to flow into your heart ... I hope it will help...
5. TUR-ENG thank you...
mrdr: Hi,It is very difficult to protect real ... I translated in Google. It is rather acceptable "My heaven is the your eyes that face me."Good luck...
6. Eid
bydand: Iyi Bayramlar.
7. who r here from 2005-2006?
bydand: I remember you well ... Happy days. Great bunch of ... in those days.
8. Happy father´s day.
harp00n: ...
9. Journey of the pearl mullets in Turkey´s Van
harp00n: Quoted from AA. ...
10. Adminler nerede?
qdemir: Siteye ilgilenen bir admin veya adminler var m覺 merak ettim.
11. 100. Y覺l
harp00n: ...
12. 19 May覺s Atat羹rk´羹 Anma Gen癟lik ve Spor Bayram覺 Kutlu Olsun
tunci: ...
13. Business in Turkey
M羹minat Pirzada: Selam I need some useful links and advices regarding business in Turkey especially in cities like Istanbul, Ankara or any other city. What is the least investment you need. Chances of ... a business in food industry like a resturant or cafe ? I .....
14. Turkik fil
natiypuspi: ... the video there is a movie. Could you tell me where can I find it? Thanks!
15. Searching job..
Love of Turkey: There is a problem about ... of pages are not opening too..
16. Turkish scientists analyze coldest region on earth
harp00n: ...
17. I´m about to visit Turkey and looking for advices :)
Juafin: You ... need to be covered except for when you are in religious places. To be honest, I was born in Istanbul and have lived there, and I am still afraid of going outside, especially places for tourists. You need to be wise and clever. The more you ar...
18. Thousands enjoy Eastern Express overnight train to Kars
harp00n: ...
19. Teachers and exams !
*Carla Louise*: Ahh thank you Trudy, I ... seen that before, but when I put my postcode in the areas that come up are much too far to travel again. This is the problem I have You see I´m 19 and I need to apply to take the GCSE before I´m 20 if possible...
20. 2019
bydand: Best wishes for a happy and healthy new year to all.
21. I miss the old group
foka: Welcome again Kaz, still alive and nothing new or maybe something but its not a good place to write about
22. Cumhuriyet Bayram覺n覺z Kutlu Olsun !
23. What made me LOL today-yesterday-even tomorrow
kazpol: Bilogical male who identifies as a female wins the cycling contest again women. ... it a big progress, people?
24. what caught my eye today
kazpol: About 3000 Hondurans marching to the borders of USA. Organized and paid by Soros agents. F..ng Merkel is fusing with Greens. One must wonder why this witch has been sitting for so long on the necks of all Europeans?
25. Two pennies for your thoughts ....!!
kazpol: Khashoggi Where is he? American dems are going nuts for losing their jihadi fighters. If you you took him please give him back to Saudis because if all dems meltdown we are gonna have another disaster - flood.
26. Missing persons at tc...
foka: Pity you are right
27. What made you smile today :)
foka: Oy Kaz welcome after long time p.s. i am loving yours posts too
28. Is it safe to travel to the southeast at the moment?
natiypuspi: ...
tunci: ...
30. what is the correct way to write this?
alameda: I sometimes hear Turkish people saying something like: "Maallah nazar demas ... means Allah willed it, keep the evil eye away, Allah willing. How would I write that in Turkish?
Latest Translation Messages
1. T-E: rahmet vs minnetle anyioruz
gokuyum: Maybe it can be translated as "We remember him with mercy and ...
2. E-T I am more of a listner than talker
Leo S: harp00n, you used "kendi ... but could we have used "kendim hakk覺nda" too?
3. E-T: I am shocked I tell you, shocked.
harp00n: Sana ... ok oldum. ok...
4. T羹rk癟em kontrol edebilir misin l羹tfen?
john250: yardimin ... teekkur ederim. Hersey anladim
5. T羹rk癟em kontrol edebilir mis覺n l羹tfen?
john250: yard覺m覺n ... teekkur eder覺m
6. e to t please
mrdr: Haziran sonunda ... ... Orada olacak m覺s覺n? Seninle bulumak ... olacak. ........ ... ...
7. T羹rkcem kontrol edebilier misin l羹tfen?
qdemir: Rica ederim.
8. Rahats覺z
S.S.K. La: There is one more correction to be done. Biz de, not bizde. 襤 assume the sentence came after they asked you what you are doing, you told them and then the other person started telling you what they are also doing. Am I right?
9. e to t lutfen
john250: yardimin ... teekkur ederim
10. simple e to t lutfen
john250: yardimin ... teekkur ederim qdemir

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To have your
denizli: Thankyou!
T-E: rahmet vs minnetle anyioruz
gokuyum: Maybe it can be translated as "We remember him with mercy and ...
10 Kas覺m
og2009: I think scientific criticism is useful for people.
E-T I am more of a listner than talker
Leo S: harp00n, you used "kendi ... but could we have used "kendim hakk...
Turkish spelling and pronunciation guide
qdemir: ...
Grammar Textbook
qdemir: Now with audio.
tunci: 29 EK襤M ... ... 96. YILI HERKESE KUTLU OLSUN !
E-T: I am shocked I tell you, shocked.
harp00n: Sana ... ok oldum. ok...
qdemir: The ... is OK. ... translates as ... You may omit ... Ben ondan &ccedi...
denizli: (sorry ...
possessive case help me..
mrdr: Hi,Could you please write whole sentence? If I know the sentence,...
mrdr: Hi, This is more difficult than other sentence. I try to translate. ...
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