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Turkish Language
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Language related questions and topics are discussed here.
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4692 10:39 am
by Faruk
Turkish Translation
English-Turkish and Turkish-English translation help. Post your translation questions here.
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41464 10:41 am
by Faruk
Practice Turkish
Practice your Turkish language skills here, with other Turkish language learners
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572 Jul 30
by Rozark

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Topics about Turkey and places in Turkey
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3737 Aug 01
by Mushin
Living - working in Turkey
How is life in Turkey for a foreigner living there?
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379 Jun 04
by Leo S
Travelling to Turkey
Topics about travelling to Turkey, getting a visa, finding a place to stay...
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432 Jul 17
by tesetturoteller

Turkish culture and literature
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Turkish Music, Singers and Lyrics
Discussion about Turkish music and lyrics, and translation of lyrics
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1136 Aug 18
by GastroVulpes
Turkish Movies
Discussion on Turkish movies
(Moderators: libralady, sonunda)
208 Apr 06
by larrystanley
Turkish Poetry and Literature
Discussions on Turkish poetry and literature
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966 Jul 28
by joejoe1000
Turkish Art
Discuss topics around Turkish art
(Moderators: libralady, sonunda)
28 5/31/2014
by burakcm86
Turkish Food Recipes
Samples from the Turkish cuisine
(Moderators: libralady, sonunda)
252 Jun 09
by Rayian

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Private Turkish Language Lessons
You can post it here if you are giving or looking for private Turkish lessons.
(Moderators: admin, libralady)
314 Jun 03
by instructor61
Turkey Vacation Deals
Vacation deals in Turkey, hotels, apartment rentals etc. can be posted here
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3 3/7/2016
by hitsales
Property in Turkey
Vacation homes or investment properties in Turkey can be posted here
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3 7/9/2016
by medsea

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News articles, events, announcements
News and announcements of special events and activities
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906 Jul 21
by tesetturoteller
Turkish Politics
Discussions about the political issues and events in Turkey
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173 10/2/2016
by vincent07
Turkish Class Website
Topics related to TC such as site issues, improvements, new features etc. will be discussed here
(Moderators: admin, libralady)
69 Mar 25
by denizli
None of the above topics looks suitable for what you want to say? Try this one.
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4168 Jul 26
by kenpeek

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Latest Discussion Messages
1. Play for the nature
GastroVulpes: Çok ... ederim!
2. Quo vadis, Turkey?
Mushin: Turkish schools to teach children the ... of ...
3. What are you listening now?
emjay: Tarkan ... ... ...
4. Turkey gets first nudist hotel in Marmaris
Tulip: This so ... ... is already CLOSED! They ... had the proper licenses to open!
5. zip code
Faruk: That is true. We barely use it when we send letters. But you try to put it, if possible.
6. İçerde - otopark mafyası
denizli: Later it was explained to me that it was related to the fact that space is so expenisive in downtown Istanbul. That parking lots can generate so much money, it can become illegally operated by mafia. I´ve nearly finisehd the show. It´...
7. Here is a nice song
frei: deli yürek soundtrack
8. I´m about to visit Turkey and looking for advices :)
MehmetK: ... jnq, cidden öyle mi ... thank you jnq, do i really look like that?
9. trileçe
Mushin: Every once in a while: ...
10. A silly cultural question!
Adam25: Next to the word ... on the top left-hand side of your post you will see ... in red - click there and you can modify (or edit) your post.
11. Please Identify a Turkish Song...
ZeeshanMalik: Simply great and ... Teşekkür ederim ...
12. please help antalya to hatay
cantarybeltin: We are located in Istanbul "A" group travel agency which - Turkey, ... OSS TOURS is a travel agency and ... ... Turkish, Australian and U.S. companies in Istanbul and Turkey, led by run by bosphorus cruise , bosphorus tours which ... provides flexibl...
13. The Best Cellphone Operator in Turkey Help
ikicihan: Best: Turkcell (The most coverage) Cheapest: PTT Cell (Based on Avea, being sold on PTT stores) I used pttcell for three years, now moved to turkcell for better 3G service. It is very easy to move between operators keeping the same phone number. Fi...
14. 19 Mayıs
Leo S: Happy Bayram to everyone in Turkey
15. Missing persons at tc...
Leo S: I ... know any of them, but I hope they come back as the forum seems quite, no one has replied for days to my posts. Anyways, I´ll just have to self study with ... given here. People move on, get married, die, etc, so I guess it´s to be e...
16. What are you reading?
Leo S: The Poles that knew Jerzy were very upset that he protrayed Poles that way in his novel and Poles only ever treated him nicely. Yes, it is fictional work and he as a writer can write what he wants, it´s not based on factual events for t...
17. Need help about starting frienship with a Turkish girl
Leo S: The forum does seem quite of late. So how are ... and courting different? It appears he is a one poster, too bad, I was willing to offer advice but he wanted a ... ... as to what a man should do.
18. Turkish Man and The Ring on his Right Ring Finger
Leo S: Som what happened?
19. help understanding turkish man
Leo S: I ... agree, I think ... bought into a cliche. I think each ... ... is different, having a uni degree does not invisibly certify one as "open minded" or some how officially bestow one with a seal: ... male here". Human beings are diverse and so ...
20. What made you smile today :)
Leo S: ... worry nature prepared you for this (that) moment.
21. Brexit vs Turkin/Turkexit
Leo S: Does Turkey have a Nigel Farage? That would help exiting for sure.
22. Discriminating against Kurdish people?
Leo S: By chat room you mean "mini chat" on the right of your screen? Since it´s a ... feed I doubt there is 24/7 moderator as this forum in general is quite in general. But your eyes and ears are open I see, we will keep an eye out for it as we...
23. Do Turkish men marry foreign women?
Leo S: I ... think it´s racist or a stupid question, ... asking if the cliche is true or not and of course there may be some Turkish men who are like that and some who ... They are a lot of playboys around in tourist spots of Turkey and lots of W...
24. Reklam!
Leo S: I think ... so polite, I think they would do that in 1950s America when TV first came out, "And now for a word from a ... Often the host of the TV show themselves would be in the Commercial promoting say a cigarette. I´m cool with that ... Rekl...
25. I love a turkish girl
Leo S: I ... tried these but here goes: ... ... ... That should keep you Greek passion burning for a while. The content here is good I must say, it´s in your hands like anything else one does in life. The forum is a bit quite of late but that c...
26. Turkish dramas
Leo S: I watched nearly every episode of a show a few years back called Adını Feriha Koydum. I found it helped me learn new words, phrases. I ... watch any right now due to other pursuits. I will focus of beginner grammar for now, with sprinkling of Turki...
27. I miss the old group
Leo S: @kazpol It´s none of my business so I wont ask why, but try ... with a different browser.
28. 50 signs you´ve been in Turkey too long
Leo S: @denizlı Would have been nice for some if they kept the lower retirement ages
29. My new favorite song
harp00n: ...
30. One-to-one classes in Istanbul.
qdemir: ...
Latest Translation Messages
1. gerund (two subjects)
Faruk: 1) ... kuşu ... musun? 2) Geldiğini ... 3) ... ... bir ... ...
2. Chat from Turkish to English
Henry: I´m not Turkish, but ... a quick ... A: Bi minnoş ... sanki It´s as if I saw a little darling A: Evet evet bi minnoş ... Yes, yes, I saw a little darling B: Aynaya mi baktin ki Was it a mirror you were looking at? A: Yaa do...
3. English to Turkish please
imenkaya: I need help in turkish grammar please
4. Please correct this text
Marianostra: ... cok ...
5. E to T my attempt!
Faruk: ... ... ... biliyorum.
6. E to T my attempt!
Polyglot: Faruk thanks so much once again
7. E to T: Raining cats and dogs
Faruk: Quoting Leo S Translate: I hear it´s been raining cats and dogs recently in Istanbul? Şimdiden ... ederim ... ... bardaktan ... yağmur ... duydum. In English, it rains cats and dogs; in Turkish it rains as it comes ...
8. beni benimle birak
Faruk: Merhaba, "Varını yoğunu almak" is an idiom meaning "taking everything they possess" For example: Varını yoğunu aldı ve gitti. She took everything she has and left. "Gaybana" is a local word used by people in Blacksea regi...
9. Balcony Room request
Kasimpasa: Merhaba Faruk Bey, Şize ... ...
10. what is this saying ? Turkish to English?
Faruk: LOVE: It´s burden is heavy, it needs labor, it needs effort, it needs ... For example, it needs an exile for a life time... In order to carry it needs two ... people.

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gerund (two subjects)
Faruk: 1) ... kuşu ... musun? 2) Geldiğini ... 3) ... ... bir ......
Türkçe konuşalım! !هيا بنا نت...
Faruk: Merhaba, ... ederim, iyiyim. Sen ... Beni ne zaman burada ....
Useful İnternal Links for Learners
JJL: does anybody know where i can get more exercises on the ... thanks in ...
Chat from Turkish to English
Henry: I´m not Turkish, but ... a quick ... A: Bi minnoş ... sanki I...
Play for the nature
GastroVulpes: Çok ... ederim!
Turkish native speaker
imenkaya: I need help in turkish grammar please
English to Turkish please
imenkaya: I need help in turkish grammar please
Please correct this text
Marianostra: ... cok ...
E to T my attempt!
Faruk: ... ... ... biliyorum.
Tv show recommendations
Erbab: See above.
Suffix ´dik´ with additional s...
JNQ: Right, I was referring to Tom
E to T my attempt!
Polyglot: Faruk thanks so much once again
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