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Turkish Language
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Language related questions and topics are discussed here.
(Moderators: libralady, sonunda, vineyards)
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by tur臘u
Turkish Translation
English-Turkish and Turkish-English translation help. Post your translation questions here.
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by harp00n
Practice Turkish
Practice your Turkish language skills here, with other Turkish language learners
(Moderators: libralady, sonunda, vineyards)
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by Fiskje88

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Topics about Turkey and places in Turkey
(Moderators: libralady, sonunda)
3733 Apr 25
by harp00n
Living - working in Turkey
How is life in Turkey for a foreigner living there?
(Moderators: libralady, sonunda)
379 Apr 17
by robertfam600
Travelling to Turkey
Topics about travelling to Turkey, getting a visa, finding a place to stay...
(Moderators: libralady, sonunda)
432 8/10/2015
by MehmetK

Turkish culture and literature
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Turkish Music, Singers and Lyrics
Discussion about Turkish music and lyrics, and translation of lyrics
(Moderators: libralady, sonunda)
1134 Feb 28
by leilaaa
Turkish Movies
Discussion on Turkish movies
(Moderators: libralady, sonunda)
208 Apr 06
by larrystanley
Turkish Poetry and Literature
Discussions on Turkish poetry and literature
(Moderators: libralady, sonunda)
966 Apr 09
by Zuzu
Turkish Art
Discuss topics around Turkish art
(Moderators: libralady, sonunda)
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by burakcm86
Turkish Food Recipes
Samples from the Turkish cuisine
(Moderators: libralady, sonunda)
252 Jan 23
by mann

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Private Turkish Language Lessons
You can post it here if you are giving or looking for private Turkish lessons.
(Moderators: admin, libralady)
313 9/28/2016
by jamescotti
Turkey Vacation Deals
Vacation deals in Turkey, hotels, apartment rentals etc. can be posted here
(Moderators: admin, libralady)
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by hitsales
Property in Turkey
Vacation homes or investment properties in Turkey can be posted here
(Moderators: admin, libralady)
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by medsea

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News articles, events, announcements
News and announcements of special events and activities
(Moderators: libralady, sonunda, vineyards)
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by kertmeyenkele
Turkish Politics
Discussions about the political issues and events in Turkey
(Moderators: libralady, sonunda, vineyards)
173 Oct 02
by vincent07
Turkish Class Website
Topics related to TC such as site issues, improvements, new features etc. will be discussed here
(Moderators: admin, libralady)
69 Mar 25
by denizli
None of the above topics looks suitable for what you want to say? Try this one.
(Moderators: libralady, sonunda, vineyards)
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by denizli

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Latest Discussion Messages
1. Turkish dramas
denizli: Yes, I watched Kara Para Ak. It´s very good, right until the end, pretty much. Now I´m watching ... Very cool story. Started off very strong. But is slowed down a lot.
2. 23 Nisan Kutlu olsun !
harp00n: One more from me...
3. Old member friends
og2009: Thank you so much Alameda.
4. Great day for Turkey and Turkish democracy!!
kertmeyenkele: There are haters let alone being "not fan of" him.
5. E to T my attempt!
denizli: It´s E to T. Is this correct? Someone has sent a parcel for you from Turkey. Birisi senin ... ... bir paket ... ... also, it´s confusing because the dictionary here says this: kimse someone, somebody. 2. anyone, an...
6. L羹tfen ingilizce a癟覺klay:
Zuzu: "No worries, gentlemen! Trouble guides us to/shows us the right way."
7. online shopping
jetski22: Thanks, this is great ... jetski
8. Web links about Turkia you'd like to mention
seyit: official website of Turkish tourism authority has improved much. ...
9. Discover the potential
harp00n: ...
10. Foreigners working in Turkey
Adam25: What is so funny???
11. Fix the site
denizli: I tried to upload a photo - ... work for me either.
12. please help antalya to hatay
cantarybeltin: We are located in Istanbul "A" group travel agency which - Turkey, ... OSS TOURS is a travel agency and ... ... Turkish, Australian and U.S. companies in Istanbul and Turkey, led by run by bosphorus cruise , bosphorus tours which ... provides flexibl...
13. Turkey May Hit Netherlands With Sanctions As Row Escalates
denizli: Well at least we hit 3 pages. I ... remember the last time that happened. I noticed even the image thumbnails ... working properly, what next...
14. 08 March...
harp00n: A ... guess is much more accurate than a ... certainty. Rudyard Kipling. Happy ... day...
15. sezen aksu Bir ac覺 kahvenin
leilaaa: Tesekkur ederim Gokuyum iyi gunler
16. I love a turkish girl
Greek: I am a 19 years old Greek christian and i go in summer holiday on Turkey.I meet a girl 19 years old too and we become friends.I want to learn some turkish ... sites and some turkish sites who we can speak!
17. 襤癟erde - otopark mafyas覺
denizli: I´m watching the show ... Anyone else watching it? I read this in the subtitles: He took over my parking lots!. I ... undertand this. But this is the Parking Lot or Auto Park Mafia. I still ... understand what that means or is.
18. Happy valentine´s...
harp00n: ...
19. Sevgililer g羹n羹
muratalp: Happy Valentine day!
20. Funny video
harp00n: I sent it before, but I found full movie. Have fun. ...
21. Turkish kaynana
vineyards: Dealing with a ... could be difficult and sometimes too difficult to endure, and it all depends on how your fiance responds to the problem. Although it is naturally difficult for him to turn his back to his mother and to favour you in all these matte...
22. E to T my attempt!
Polyglot: Scalpel thank you
23. Do Turkish men marry foreign women?
bydand: Exactly gokuyum. We have been coming to Turkey for almost 30 years and have made many friends. We find Turkish people on the whole very welcoming. Religion ... a problem. We exchange greetings at our various festivals. We have a few unpleasant charac...
24. Turkish movie/TV series with Turkish subtitle
Marloesx: Can you ... send me the movie evim sensin with english and turkish ... I was looking for them but couldnt find it Please help me?
25. My new favorite song
harp00n: ...
26. Poems by Can Yucel
shahidraza7786: Must read Poems on ... Seperation etc:- Farzet Hiç ... ... Seni Her ey Sende Gizli
27. Contacting the Administrator
BP_3: Thank you so much!
28. The voice of Greece
kertmeyenkele: on air today: ... It´s a Turkish production in Greece.
29. Cumhuriyet Bayram覺
scalpel - -: ...
30. old members?
bod: Do you mean members who have been here for a long time or aged members ?
Latest Translation Messages
1. E to T
harp00n: En sevdiin yemek nedir ?
2. English to Turkish
Mamali: Thank you
3. Turkish to English translation 10
denizli: The issue is the length of text. The shorter, the more likely someone will translate or help.
4. T-E
og2009: ... ... yaparken sizler hem kendinizi ... ... ... ... ... art覺yor hem de okuyucuyu ... ... okuyucunun da ... ... kapasitesi ... ... hem kendinize hem de ... katk覺n覺z oluyor... ... çok zor bir ... kendi ana dilinde hem de ... yap覺lan...
5. T-E
og2009: TEK DÜNYA VE B襤Z ... ... ... ... ÜLKE, ... OLDUUMUZ TOPLUM VE ... KARI ... ... GÖREV VE ... YER襤NE ...
6. A question please
Polyglot: Harpoon thanks
7. E to T my attempt!
harp00n: you are welcome.
8. Pleases Translate in English
Adam25: Answered here: ...
9. T-E
denizli: I tried this but it ... helpful: ...
10. Help translate
Zuzu: I would translate it as: "It ... work, neither with you nor without you".

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E to T
harp00n: En sevdiin yemek nedir ?
癟ay verir misiniz?\"
tur臘u: You can use "Tuzu verir misiniz?" in this context. However it ...
癟ok olur ne demek
tur臘u: The sentence means something along the lines of "big headed people end...
English to Turkish
Mamali: Thank you
Turkish to English translation 10
denizli: The issue is the length of text. The shorter, the more likely ...
23 Nisan Kutlu olsun !
harp00n: One more from me...
Ankaraya donuyorsun?
scalpel - -: depending on the context, it can be present continuous or futu...
og2009: ... ... DÜNYA D襤LLER襤 VE ... Önder ... ... 28.02.2013 / ...
og2009: ... ... yaparken sizler hem kendinizi ... ... ... ... ... art覺yor he...
og2009: TEK DÜNYA VE B襤Z ... ... ... ... ÜLKE, ...
bu ne demek?
harp00n: It´s daily Turkish. Bunun anlam覺 nedir ? = Bu ne demek...
Old member friends
og2009: Thank you so much Alameda.
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