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Turkey in Pictures
(5650 pictures of Turkey in 471 pages - View all)
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Pictures: Istanbul Levent
Istanbul Levent
by catwoman

Viewed 48285 times
Comments: 37
54 users liked

Pictures: Cute Turkish Girl
Cute Turkish Girl
by cruisins

Viewed 52940 times
Comments: 4
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Pictures: Trojan Horse
Trojan Horse
by cruisins

Viewed 41963 times
Comments: 10
8 users liked

Pictures: Sosyal tesisi
Sosyal tesisi
by ValeriYa

Viewed 713 times
Comments: 5
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Pictures: Turkish bride
Turkish bride
by JulianaJuliana

Viewed 2102 times
Comments: 5
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Pictures: Çay
by burakk

Viewed 1743 times
Comments: 2
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Pictures: Blue Mosque
Blue Mosque
by nemanjasrb

Viewed 2605 times
Comments: 6
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Pictures: Rainy Istanbul
Rainy Istanbul
by nemanjasrb

Viewed 2531 times
Comments: 2
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Pictures: Hagia Sophia
Hagia Sophia
by nemanjasrb

Viewed 2278 times
Comments: 1
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Pictures: Suleymaniye Mosque
Suleymaniye Mosque
by nemanjasrb

Viewed 2915 times
Comments: 6
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Pictures: Blue Mosque
Blue Mosque
by nemanjasrb

Viewed 3325 times
Comments: 7
27 users liked

Pictures: Istanbul
by nemanjasrb

Viewed 4703 times
Comments: 13
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(5650 pictures of Turkey in 471 pages - View all)
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Epic of Altai [ Altay Destani]
tunci: " KAYIN " THE HOLY TREE " Kayın " is a holy tree...
tunci: Aferin Kedinero ! I forgot to put "beri" for the first two qu...
Translation \"family-in-law\"?
tunci: Just say " ... ailesi " . We dont have any other special word...
tunci: Those terms refer to ... odd numbers ... [Tek ... ] and "even...
What has happened here?
tunci: Yes, it is correct. In that sentence, dative has to be added ...
pls translate
tunci: Kendine ... yoksa ve kendini başka ... gidip onlarla ... ...
Abla: So one can descend to the metro at Sirkeci and after a while surface o...
hayırlı olsun???
halturklondon: thankyou both for your ...
Ne = what
Yachase: I tried to translate it literally
KediNero: i think it´s not correct to use it in plural cause you alre...
üzerine / üstüne
si++: Let me add what I know: ... is a direction suffix iç = in ...
Magnificent Century Soundtrack Album
gokuyum: ...
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Turkish lesson by admin
Level: beginner

Turkish lesson by admin
Level: intermediate
Turkish bride Turkish bride

Picture by JulianaJuliana
(I Am Yours)

Poem by Cenk (cybernetics)
Useful Turkish Words

Turkish lesson by admin
Level: beginner
(Forgive Me)

Poem by Aziz Nesin
Blue Mosque Blue Mosque

Picture by nemanjasrb
Ahmet Afif Paşa Yalısı Ahmet Afif Paşa Yalısı

Picture by Laleler
Road sign Road sign

Picture by Trudy
Bekle Beni
(Wait for Me)

Poem by Konstantin Simonov