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Turkey in Pictures
(5705 pictures of Turkey in 476 pages - View all)
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Pictures: Istanbul Levent
Istanbul Levent
by catwoman

Viewed 53837 times
Comments: 37
56 users liked

Pictures: Cute Turkish Girl
Cute Turkish Girl
by cruisins

Viewed 56198 times
Comments: 4
4 users liked

Pictures: Dream Breakfast
Dream Breakfast
by denizli

Viewed 728 times
Comments: 1
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Pictures: hı
by defacto

Viewed 1385 times
Comments: 1
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Pictures: Turkish bride
Turkish bride
by JulianaJuliana

Viewed 6025 times
Comments: 6
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Pictures: Blue Mosque
Blue Mosque
by nemanjasrb

Viewed 4694 times
Comments: 7
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Pictures: Rainy Istanbul
Rainy Istanbul
by nemanjasrb

Viewed 4830 times
Comments: 2
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Pictures: Hagia Sophia
Hagia Sophia
by nemanjasrb

Viewed 3711 times
Comments: 1
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Pictures: Suleymaniye Mosque
Suleymaniye Mosque
by nemanjasrb

Viewed 5268 times
Comments: 7
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Pictures: Blue Mosque
Blue Mosque
by nemanjasrb

Viewed 5769 times
Comments: 7
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Pictures: Istanbul
by nemanjasrb

Viewed 6866 times
Comments: 13
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Pictures: A Turkish Mother
A Turkish Mother
by DisiBayanAsk

Viewed 6725 times
Comments: 11
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(5705 pictures of Turkey in 476 pages - View all)
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I need help translating this please. thank...
bboyz4life: ... yalan dolanla işin yok, evlenme arifesinde ... aldatan sonra ...
Lütfen, I really need help translating thi...
KediNero: Your ... is good. But It should be ... not mesaj.
Translate from turkish to english
pcarter: Hi i am new to this. Can someone help me translate the script below pl...
Dön bana - Hande Yener - translation
denizli: If anyone has the chance, please offer any ... Geceler zor Nights...
Galatasaray win 20th Turkish title
rezayim: tebrikler Gala ama .... ... Fener
Pleasee help me translate :)
ial72: neden yazdigim mesas sildin sayfadan? biz de hiç bir ... kadin...
E to T
tunci: ... ... ... olan. If your neighbour is holding the Red Bo...
bir sorum var
JNQ: Well I think everything is cleared up now. Tebrikler to all GS fans
Kahrolma duygular!!
GulBahar: ... Kahrolmayi hissileri ... bana... Bu ... ... doğru mu?...
Meaning of \"Haline\" / \"Halinde\"
uurcan: hal: durum, vaziyet ... status) halinde: durumunda, takdirind...
ahmet_a1b2: .. but shouldnt we enjoy it for thiz reason/ since it has an end ?
E to T
huko: Hello guys, another one, how to translate the following? a wide r...
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