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George Best - football legend
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1.       Nikki
51 posts
 25 Nov 2005 Fri 07:36 pm

For all football lovers. George died today at 59years of age.

He was the first celebrity footballer. The best in his day, in the 60's.

2.       Bursali
400 posts
 25 Nov 2005 Fri 07:40 pm

george who?

3.       AlphaF
5677 posts
 25 Nov 2005 Fri 07:48 pm

Sorry to hear George is dead. May god have mercy on his soul.

I personally think he was the best football player ever lived.

Those who do not agree with me should consider that George hardly ever got a chance to play football on a sunny day, on decent green grass (always in mud up to his neck) and also that he was usually the single star of otherwise mediocre teams, never ably assisted by his teammates.


4.       freshman
704 posts
 25 Nov 2005 Fri 07:55 pm

yes..very bad day for football community..he was good player..he died because of alcohol..

5.       Lyndie
968 posts
 25 Nov 2005 Fri 08:07 pm

Well I'm amazed at your knowledge Freshman and Alpha! - You know my views on football (none! hehehe), but even I heard of George Best. I am simply astounded that you like footie so much you will even mark the death of a Irish player. Bravo to both of you!

6.       freshman
704 posts
 25 Nov 2005 Fri 09:35 pm

I can count lots of Premier League Teams'S 11 easily..not difficult for me

7.       Lyndie
968 posts
 25 Nov 2005 Fri 09:42 pm

Go Boy! Let's see your list!

8.       freshman
704 posts
 25 Nov 2005 Fri 09:50 pm

Newcastle United
2-Stephen Carr
5-Emre Belözoğlu
7-Scott Parker
8-Kieron Dyer
9-Alan Shearer
10-Michael Owen
11-Shola Ameobi

9.       Lyndie
968 posts
 25 Nov 2005 Fri 10:28 pm

Bravo - another?

10.       freshman
704 posts
 25 Nov 2005 Fri 10:34 pm

1-Peter Chech
2-William Gallas
3-Del Horno
5-John Terry
7-Shaun Wright Phillips
8-Frank Lampard
9-Didier Drogba
10-Joe Cole
11-Damien Duff

(34 Messages in 4 pages - View all)
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