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What is this forum for?
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1.       admin
752 posts
 16 Sep 2004 Thu 11:49 pm

Knowing the fact that guys don't gossip, what is the point of this topic, right? Anyway, just in case somebody might need some day

2.       desire
24 posts
 02 Jan 2005 Sun 11:54 pm

lol yeah!very funny"guys dont gossip" ! ! !
YOU know ,admin,.....i like you ..you are so nice -so helpful and you have such a sense of humour
really i have to confess that you helped me some times but here i dont agree with you! NO,NO,NO,No,noooo....
if boys are not gossipy ,what are they like ...are the girls those who say here and there :" i was with this or that guy here or there and we did this or that "..i dont think girls are so proud of their "loot"(boys that are hardly won by lies) and girls do not pretend to inform the whole world about their, so to say,small succeses for a night...
Anyway...i wonder why nobody writes here ...it will be nice to find out more about the turkish girls ..i would like to know is there a reason to worry about my boy's heart...is it hard to lose him...does it take a long time to find a good girl in turkey...is the religion in turkey a problem ..i mean is it an obstacle for the relationships ..i have heard many times that turkish girls are very SPOILT P L E A S E C A N A N Y B O D Y E X P L A I N what does it mean..what do they do ? is it easy to have a girl just for fun ..without any seriouse plans and promises ...why do the turkish boys prefer girls from another countries?Are these girls easier ?
come on!use your keyboard and let me know more about turkish girls' characters...dont be so lazy!
admin,i believe in you ! i am sure that at least you will give me some information..i think i have to find a turkish girl for friend ...what would you say?
SORRY ,i dont know why i cant send short texts when i start i cannot stop but it takes time to start...i am working on this problem(my long letters)

3.       irishdon
143 posts
 05 Jan 2005 Wed 03:35 pm

İ'm also interested to know if there is anything important to know about treating Turkish girls. İ have started working in İstanbul and don't want to make any big mistakes with anyone

4.       danny
4 posts
 17 Feb 2005 Thu 02:56 pm

quite interesting!!!, but maybe these turkish ladies are the hardest to get along with as far as I am concern, nice, smart and talet girls though, but those hearts can be harmful for men, I have been in turkey for three summers but I think these ladies are still hard to discover and understand.

5.       qaheri
9 posts
 19 Feb 2005 Sat 06:28 pm

My X Girlfrfiend was from Istanbul and as i am from Bahrain I had to travell there and i did....
What i wanted to say that she was very open mined woman and i think not only she but most Istanbul Girls are just same i mean they are more openmined than others thats what i think and i might be wrong
but again there is something which i have to say
i mean maybe cus she was talking to me and i am not Turk so she can be more free i mean talk and do what ever she cant do with a Turk man and cus i know ther culturs and our muslims country is like that
i mean the woman can be more free if she talk to strange man or man not from her country
but i can say that Turkish woman is wonderfull

6.       dickie
4 posts
 04 Jul 2005 Mon 07:47 pm

I finally married my Turkish Girlfriend at the beginning of may this year, after a years engagement. I had to completely change my English way of thinking and become more "Understanding" and "Patient" Any guy that is looking at marrying a Turkish Girl is going to need a lot of the above. The Religion part was fairly straight forward as the family have no real hang ups and my thoughts were that I was marrying the Girl not the religion. Language has not proved to be much of a barrier either, even though "Anne" speaks absolutely no English and my Turkish is far from adequate , we do somehow communicate even if some days we look as if we are playing a highly charged game of "Charades". I think the main areas for concern for me were the way the Turkish "Family" is held above everything else. I come from an English family who only met if one of us died or got married. Having her family around on a daily basis sometimes gets to me. It feels as if we are never really alone. The other thing I find hard to take is the way the male members of the family expect to be waited on hand and foot by the females including my wife, I know it is part of the culture but it can get a bit irritating. I do Ironing, washing, cleaning etc in MY house but my "Eniste" tell's me I am a "Kilibik" - All in all I am more than happy with my new family - my "Mother in Law" is fantastic and my wifes brothers and sister have made me feel so welcome. It takes some getting used to but at this moment in time I would not change a thing. I do not intend to return to England - I am more than happy working and living in Istanbul, The Turkish people have always been the warmest and friendliest people that I have ever met and i have been to over 70 countries in this world of ours so I think I know what I am talking about. There is an old English saying "Home is where the Heart is" and my heart is here and here is my home.

7.       Rachael
10 posts
 04 Jul 2005 Mon 08:59 pm

Congratulations on getting married

8.       bliss
900 posts
 04 Jul 2005 Mon 09:11 pm

Congratulations on getting married!

Marriage is a gift
you give each other-
a gift of youself
that connects you
in spirit
and complete you
in body, mind,
and soul.
It's something for you
to honor and care for,
just as you do
each other...

Best wishes
for a life
of happiness
and love
as you share
your gift

9.       bliss
900 posts
 04 Jul 2005 Mon 09:18 pm

And this is for you

10.       mmm
13 posts
 05 Jul 2005 Tue 09:11 am

Congratulation on your marriage!

But I have a question, that I need an answer for:

In the Turkish culture, is it OK for a Muslim female to marry a non-mulslim man?

Please someone answer me because this question will clear alot of things for me? :-S

(27 Messages in 3 pages - View all)
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