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Yunuslari sevmeyen var mi ? (who doesn't love dolphins?)
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1.       zeynep
28 posts
 09 Mar 2007 Fri 09:09 pm

Yunuslari sevmeyen var mi ? (who doesn't love dolphins?)

Once videoyu izleyin lutfen... (please watch the video first)

Sonra da lutfen asagidaki adrese girip protestolarinizi iletin. (than sign the petition at the link below)

Video: http://www.glumbert.com/media/dolphin
Petition: http://www.petitiononline.com/golfinho/

Lütfen bu vahsete tepki gosterelim.. (

2.       C&K
22 posts
 09 Mar 2007 Fri 09:12 pm

I couldn´t finish to see the video...

I love the dolphins, really they are very smart and friendly, why they haven´t pity with the dolphins?

Of course you have my sign, please everybody sign.
642186 Signatures Total Today,

3.       zeynep
28 posts
 09 Mar 2007 Fri 09:28 pm

642470. ayse 27 TURKEY

4.       nur1
427 posts
 09 Mar 2007 Fri 10:16 pm

643372. james 33 uk
643373. nurcan 27 turkey

its absolutly disgusting and selLfish!

5.       Müjde
 09 Mar 2007 Fri 10:25 pm

Sayende böyle bir vahşetten haberdar olduk.Teşekkürler.

6.       azade
1606 posts
 09 Mar 2007 Fri 11:05 pm

How can anybody do such a horrible thing to these animals? They are torturing them!

I'm number 644360.

7.       katalina
178 posts
 09 Mar 2007 Fri 11:56 pm


I was appalled and digusted and felt physically sick. I cannot understand how people can do this to these beautiful creatures. What gives them the right??????

8.       metehan2001
501 posts
 10 Mar 2007 Sat 01:15 am


I just hope that Japanese people will stop killing the dolphins very soon.

9.       SuiGeneris
3922 posts
 10 Mar 2007 Sat 01:30 am

646384 is mine...

if they call themselves as human... i am really ashamed to be called so

ok! you live in an island but you cant everything lives in sea... really disgusting...

10.       Mavy
33 posts
 10 Mar 2007 Sat 01:52 am

This are horribleeeee!!
I haved oportunity to swim with dolphins they are very cute animals, and so lovely

WOOOW!! i'm really very angry now!!

646583 My number of petition...

(11 Messages in 2 pages - View all)
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