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Travelling to Turkey

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How Nice If My dream Comes True!
1.       rainny
11 posts
 30 Apr 2007 Mon 05:26 pm

Hello everyone,I come from China. I hope I can visit Turkey (Izmir)in summer. But now I don't know what shall we do. Because I never left my country before. Would you please give me some advice if possible?By the way,is it expensive to travel there?

Thank you very very much ^-^

2.       kat007
95 posts
 30 Apr 2007 Mon 06:17 pm

Ni Ho Ma?

I want to go to Turkey in the summer too. I don't know how much it is to go from China to Turkey but where I am at, it's expensive. I hope that you'll be able to go.


3.       oeince
582 posts
 01 May 2007 Tue 11:24 am

i have a chinese friend in izmir..i ll ask her mail adress for u..i am sure u can have satisfactory info..as i know she is all right here..dont worry..

4.       rainny
11 posts
 01 May 2007 Tue 02:51 pm

Thank you for your replies.

5.       huangdai
4 posts
 13 May 2007 Sun 08:03 am

hi rainny
i can give u some information.because i am a chinese ,and i also want to visit turkey. it is difficult thing .first,if u visit turkey u must follow a travel agency,u can not come to there alone and freedom.if u follow a travel agency ,u will take a travel visa,u can stay there 7 days with that group.and u must prove more than 4000 USD in the bank belong to yours.this is travel visa.
if u want to take a business visa,u need a invite letter from turkey,and between your company and their company must have real business .fortunately,if u get the business visa u can stay turkey 15 days.
anyway,this is a difficult thing.
good luck !
466625308,this is my QQ,if u want u can add me.

6.       Trudy
7887 posts
 13 May 2007 Sun 09:10 am

Huangdai, why only 7 days and this large amount on the bank? I checked several sites but it doesn't say that. I'm curious, can you explain?

7.       huangdai
4 posts
 13 May 2007 Sun 10:40 am

you can check it again .this is truth,if u want to take travel visa,u must have 4000 USD in bank which support to your travelling.whatever,follow travel agency to visit will be boring .
maybe u can apply reside two months if u dont follow that stupid travel agency.two months need about 250 USD ,and need local people help u do this thing.
i am also confused about this thing.i dont want to follow the travel agency ,my purpose is just to see my friend,not for a trip.

8.       Deli_kizin
6376 posts
 13 May 2007 Sun 11:17 am

Try to find out if there is such a thing as 'invitation' letter from Turkey (it works the other way around for holland).

Your boyfriend and his family will send you an official letter in which they declare they invite you oer to stay 2 months with them, being fully responsible for all the financial costs if something happens (if you steal, they will pay, if you end up in hospital, they will pay). Ofcourse this is only on paper, because if such a thing would happen, you would pay them back ofcourse.

An official invitation letter does a great job in Holland though its no garantuee for success, but youı should at least give it a shot.

ps - reading this thread, makes some of my notes in 'how can i stay in turkey a long time'-thread, completely unappropriate. Sorry! Never figured it would be so hard for chinese people!

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