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Travelling to Turkey

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Mexican travel to turkey
1.       yazmin_cita
196 posts
 03 May 2007 Thu 03:47 pm

Hi, I am from Mexico and my husband is turkish. I will be traveling to Izmir this month and I was just wondering what is the idea Turkish people have about people from Mexico.

thanks for your thoughts

2.       vineyards
1954 posts
 03 May 2007 Thu 06:35 pm

3.       Trudy
7887 posts
 03 May 2007 Thu 07:45 pm

Quoting vineyards:

and of course Speedy Gonzales who is a bit more famous than the previous.

4.       yazmin_cita
196 posts
 03 May 2007 Thu 08:54 pm

that's exactly what my husband told me...their idea would be. Anyways my husband tried jalapeño pepper and now he loves it sometimes he orders stuffed jalapeño with cheese inside.


5.       vineyards
1954 posts
 04 May 2007 Fri 11:47 am

6.       Trudy
7887 posts
 04 May 2007 Fri 12:15 pm

Quoting vineyards:

Yes but I am a little bit more knowledgeable. I know how jalapeno is pronounced: Huh-luh-penio. As for the name of your country: Mehico.

Vineyards, (maybe a bit off topic) can you tell me why there are so less restaurants in Turkey (even in Ankara as capital where all the ambassies are) from a foreign kitchen? I mean, there is hardly to find a Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Japanese restaurant. And many Turkish people I spoke to (here and in Turkey) say they don't want to eat foreign food. Is it because they think it is not halal or is it 'unknown is unloved'? I know Turkish cuisine is great, I love it, but something different is nice too.

7.       vineyards
1954 posts
 04 May 2007 Fri 12:51 pm

8.       Trudy
7887 posts
 04 May 2007 Fri 12:54 pm

Thanks for explaining Vineyards. I was just curious because here, even in small towns, you can find many different cuisines. But I have to admit that our national food is not special (I even don't like most of it....).

9.       yazmin_cita
196 posts
 04 May 2007 Fri 03:57 pm

hello, well in Mexico you can find all kinds of food from everywhere and each culture has their great dish. I am found of all foods. My husband on the other hand is very particular about what he eats and we have a hard time finding a place to dine. Besides him loving his turkish food he also does not eat beef or fish or chicken so it makes it even harder. I have learned to make a few turkish dishes (vegetarian) which I find so elavorative but healthy. I don't mind.

10.       janissary
0 posts
 04 May 2007 Fri 04:12 pm

if you ask me as a turkish, I have no idea about mexican ppl. but generally turkish ppl are hospitable and love to have a guess.

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