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why do people fall in love???
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20.       ELA
41 posts
 24 Jun 2005 Fri 08:39 am

Yes sure , hahaah

21.       Anda
5 posts
 24 Jun 2005 Fri 10:00 am

why do people fall in love? if u can answer "why do people live?" i can answer the question above duskahvesi

22.       duskahvesi
858 posts
 24 Jun 2005 Fri 12:04 pm

why do people live?
it changes your belief..
if u believe the other world, or if are muslim or christian u can know that there is an other world and God wil ask for after dying..
according to me..that is why people live
now i am waiting for your answer

23.       Anda
5 posts
 24 Jun 2005 Fri 04:28 pm

Duskahvesi U ask so many times why?
I can say that we should answer the quetions about what we can answer, for things we made them to happen, we live becouse God created the mankind,,so it is not in our hand.. being born or not..

About love, it is one of the best feeling given to people and not everyone can have it.. someone maybe it is afraid to love but again it is not in our hand...it can be in love even if tries to prevent it becouse as i said it is not in our hand, we say sometimes that he/she is not for me but we can not stop loving him/her..

24.       duskahvesi
858 posts
 24 Jun 2005 Fri 05:02 pm

everything has a logical explanation or it comes only to me like that...

25.       Angela
75 posts
 24 Jun 2005 Fri 05:10 pm

Hi Duskahvesi,

I've been thinking this also: my thoughts:

It just seems to happen we don't seem to have any control. Its as though we didn't use our brains and our heart sunk into the mire.

It is normal to pair off male and female; birds and animals do it and produce.

When looking back at who we fell in love with at the time it seems, sometimes what did I see in that person! I'm pleased it didn't come to anything. I think we have all experienced this!

In many countries where the family choose arranged marriages or both partners go and see if they would like to marry for suitabilty: seems in the majority of cases to work well. So they seem to learn to love on these grounds.

I think it is important to feel deeply loved, I feel that is very important to me. Better still if you find your soul mate and are always together.

People can become case hardened if they have been hurt so badly.

26.       dickie
4 posts
 27 Jun 2005 Mon 03:07 pm

uuuuuuummmmmm !!!!! Why do people fall in love ??? There is no "WHY" It would be more direct to ask "What CAUSES people to fall in love" Love is something that is reactionary - it reacts to different situations, The girl you see sitting on the park bench, the guy you see jogging down the road, the guy who opens the door for you and then your eyes meet, the girl who serves your coffee in the cafe. Love is about situations. Something is triggered inside of us to allow us to suddenly focus on this situation even if it is not instantly remembered for months aftwards. If I were to ask why do you love your mother/father what would you say ?? what CAUSED you to love your mother or father was your birth. Most of us remember our first love, but what caused us to fall in love, was it because it was our FIRST. We would all say now that it was not PROPER love but at the time the situation called for it. By the way I am now into my 2nd month of marriage to the waitress that used to serve me my Vodka in the Hilton Hotel when I stayed there. My situation at having to work in Istanbul was the CAUSE of my falling in love with my beautiful Alev.

27.       duskahvesi
858 posts
 27 Jun 2005 Mon 07:09 pm

i think there is no reason..
of course i know that people have two thing..
mind and heart..
we can control or mind but not heart..
just a reason..

28.       elenagabriela
2040 posts
 25 Mar 2013 Mon 10:25 am

the right question could be: why do people fall in love with wrong persons..maybe..

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