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Turkish Art/Artists
1.       dizzyspinner
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 11 Feb 2008 Mon 11:17 pm

I can't believe there is no ART category!!!

I love this lady's use of colour . . . so vivid



Please can admin create an Art Forum?

2.       dizzyspinner
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 11 Feb 2008 Mon 11:36 pm

A great article, I copied the first 2 paras and the link gives the whole article:

Ensuring the Survival of Ebru Art (marbling)
İZMİR- Turkish Daily News

Ebru art has a long history and a technique completely unique to its form. Known as Turkish Ebru art, its cultural significance originally began as a part of bookbinding but has now found its place in the art world. It has evolved over many centuries, from its functionality, to the materials used to produce it, to the motifs. The practice of this traditional art was gradually disappearing when Nuri Pınar, now the foremost known Ebru Artist made it his mission to produce Ebru and inform the world of its existence and ensure its continuance.

The process of making this art is unique as it is completely painted within water. Water is placed into a rectangular tray in which gum is then added to make the consistency much thicker. Paint is then sprinkled on the surface and a pattern is created by running a thin stick through it. Once the pattern is completed a sheet of paper is placed on top and it is left for a couple of minutes. The paper is then slid carefully off revealing the Ebru design.


The following is a video depicting different examples of ebru art, set to music. Captions arein Turkish.


Hope you enjoy it I did !

some more sources to learn about Ebru art


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