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Zori Balayan; An Armenian "Hero"
1.       tamikidakika
1346 posts
 27 Apr 2008 Sun 04:04 am

This is an excerpt from the Armenian murderer Zori Balayan`s book "Revival of Our souls". Enjoy!!!

[Quote removed by Admin - The content is very disturbing and inappropriate for this website]


2.       tamikidakika
1346 posts
 27 Apr 2008 Sun 06:00 am

I don`t get what is so inappropriate about acknowledging what happened to the Azeris. Would you give the same reacton If I slagged off Turks? Why don`t you want to see what your angelic Christian brothers did?

anyways, the excerpt is on the link I put.

3.       Harutyun
1 posts
 27 Apr 2012 Fri 11:09 am

Zori Balayan`s claimed book "Revival of Our souls" never existed, Zori Balayan challenged anyone to show a copy of this book. actually by reading the quotes or any possible made up copy of book you can CLEARLY see that it is in no way written by an Armenian, all what that claimed book tries to do is to show the alleged brutality of Armenians in a horrible way, it is clear that this alleged book was made by non-Armenian and assigned to an Armenian, it actually may never exist as I said Zori Balayan challenged anyone to show a copy of the book and he also added if it exists this would be another story.

4.       vano
1 posts
 16 Feb 2015 Mon 05:11 am

The sicknes in the minds of those that create fabricated sources is without limit.

Zori Balayan NEVER EVER wrote a book called Revival of Our Souls

The links provided point to an Azerbaijani source that is filled with hate and racism regarding Armenians.

There are over 20 confirmed fabricated sources or books by the Azeris trying to portary the Armenians as blood thirsty savages. Revival of our Souls has never been written and to date not a single copy of the book has been produced by Azeri´s.

The other book they quote from is For "Sake of the Cross" which again has never been written.

These books amongst others are purly available in the minds of those sick enough to fabricate them.

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