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question about turks in houston
1.       aylita
19 posts
 02 Aug 2008 Sat 08:33 pm

i may be lucky enough to go on a scholarship event. i will give presentations it program we have for mexico-germany. does anyone know of the scene there?

2.       Elisabeth
5732 posts
 02 Aug 2008 Sat 08:42 pm

I will PM you with some info. I am in Houston and my husband is Turk. You are definately NOT ALONE...there are over 10,000 Turks in the Houston area.

3.       aylita
19 posts
 02 Aug 2008 Sat 09:02 pm

cok sagolsin elisabeth hanim efendim...i am nervous to speak the english and try the turish grammar

4.       geniuda
1070 posts
 02 Aug 2008 Sat 09:31 pm

hi Aylita..

There is a member here in TC named "texasizzet" who you can contact by sending him a PM. He is turk and my understanding is that he lives in Houston and teaches Turkish language in one of the schools in Houston.
Maybe he can also give you more information. Good luck!!

5.       geniuda
1070 posts
 02 Aug 2008 Sat 09:58 pm

Here are a couple of links of Turkish Associations in Houston. I hope this info helps!

American Turkish Association of Houston

Turkish American Association for Business

6.       aylita
19 posts
 03 Aug 2008 Sun 07:41 pm

thanks genuida!! cok sagolsin, kendine iy bak!! her sitesi bakacgim simdi (: insallah onlari bana bir cevap verecek...

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