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Before you know it software
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1.       Janette1169
92 posts
 16 Aug 2008 Sat 05:06 pm

Has any member used this software to help with their Turkish learning and if so did you find it useful?


Janette x

2.       sonunda
5004 posts
 16 Aug 2008 Sat 05:17 pm

I downloaded it but couldn´t work out how to use it so didn´t find it any use at all. Give me a good book anytime!

3.       Janette1169
92 posts
 16 Aug 2008 Sat 05:22 pm

I actually felt the same, it was like going back to school with the turning cards etc. Stick to TC and books i think .


I did think it was me that wasnt using it right or going wrong somewhere with it.


Think ill uninstall now ! haha

4.       Rose Trevathan
6 posts
 16 Aug 2008 Sat 07:29 pm

i downloaded it, and have been using it. i have found it really useful although there are a few mistakes, but as for pronounciation i have found it the best, speaking with an english tongue being able to slow the words has really helped

5.       lady in red
6947 posts
 16 Aug 2008 Sat 07:47 pm

BYKI was recommended to me by someone on TC and now I´m always recommending it to other people!  I think its excellent and I bought the full course.  Of course it is really for accumulating vocabulary not for grammar but the more vocabulary you know the better!  I think the flash card method works very well  (well it does for me anyway!)

6.       Bellybabe
31 posts
 16 Aug 2008 Sat 07:57 pm

I have found it useful for simple phrases and getting some idea of how to say the words.

Not as helpful as the people here though!!



7.       ~ Ozcelik ~
29 posts
 16 Aug 2008 Sat 08:58 pm

{#lang_emotions_lol} I´ve just downloaded it to see what all the fuss is about.  Hmmmm, not sure about the flippy over flash card thing.... but will give it a whirl !

8.       pmitride
47 posts
 16 Aug 2008 Sat 10:46 pm

personally I think BYKI doesn´t really know where it stands.


1. not a language method

2. not a travel phrase book

3. a half-heartened expression/vocabulary builder

4. a half-hearntened pronounciation tool



After trying it, I opted for :


1. a proper language method (Teach Yourself Turkish with CDs, excellent imho)

2. a dictionary

3. Mnemosyne (www.mnemosyne-proj.org/)

4. Turkish Class.com



9.       sonunda
5004 posts
 16 Aug 2008 Sat 10:54 pm

I agree-I didn´t learn a thing from it.

10.       lady in red
6947 posts
 17 Aug 2008 Sun 12:31 am


Quoting sonunda

I agree-I didn´t learn a thing from it.


 Come on!  You must have learnt one little thing!

And the free download is just a sample anyway.

(12 Messages in 2 pages - View all)
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