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Yok vs hayır
1.       mutlu101
103 posts
 08 Sep 2008 Mon 01:08 am

I´ve heard both yok and hayir used as ´no´.  What´s the difference, when do you use one vs the other?

2.       seker
943 posts
 08 Sep 2008 Mon 01:11 am


Quoting mutlu101

I´ve heard both yok and hayir used as ´no´.  What´s the difference, when do you use one vs the other?


yok means there isn´t hayir means no

3.       CACIK
9 posts
 08 Sep 2008 Mon 01:21 am

yes it ´s right,you can both use ´yok´ and ´hayır´ in the same situation.=it means ´no´


eve gidecek miyiz?

(will we go home?)

yok gitmeyeceğiz = hayır gitmeceğiz

(No,we will not)


Also,´yok´ means ther is/are not or i have not etc...


Biletin var mı?

(do you have ticket?)


(i have not)


Hayır yok.

(No,I have not.)

is there any problem?

(herhangi bir sorun mu var?)


(There is not)

Hayır yok.

(No,There is not)



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4.       mutlu101
103 posts
 08 Sep 2008 Mon 02:08 am

WOW, that is a big help thank you both!

5.       Deli_kizin
6376 posts
 08 Sep 2008 Mon 03:24 pm

Yok sounds a little more informal to my ears than hayır, and also a little less strong. Yok can be pronounced loosely like ´Yoo´ (the two o´s pronounced slightly seperatedly, and no K at the end), which is less strict/strong than ´hayır´.


Burada sigara içilir mi?

- ´Are cigarettes being smoked here?´ (is smoking allowed here?)

Hayır, burada sigara içilmez.

- No, here cigarettes arent smoked (no, smoking is not allowed here).



Patates kızartması da ister misin?

- Do you also want some fries?

Yok (yoo), gerek yok (yok)

- Nah, there is no need.

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